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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beef Recipies

Grilled Beef Recipe
This recipe also known as recipe beef tenderloin
•    1 kg tenderloin beef, pared & cut into medium steaks
For the marinade:
•    3 tbsp each, chopped parsley, olive oil & vinegar•    1 tbsp chopped ajwain•    3 cloves garlic, crushed•    1 tezpan
•    200 gms each, julienned carrot, baby marrow, leeks, celery & shredded lettuce•    30 gms unsalted butter
•    50 gms dry raisings•    5 gms fresh thyme 

Grilled beef Preparation:
1.    In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients for the marinade.
2.    Place beef steaks in the marinade & turn to coat well on all sides.
3.    Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours, turning occasionally.
4.    Grill to desired level of doneness.
5.    In a frying pan, heat butter & sauté vegetables until soft, add raisin & thyme.
6.    To serve place sauted vegetables in the middle topped with portions of grilled beef.

Baked Italian steak Recipe
This recipe also known as Italian Grilled Steaks
Serves: 5
•    1 kg  Round steak (1inch thick)•    ½  clove Garlic•    3 tbsp  cooking oil•    small Bay leaf•    170 gm  tomato paste•    ¾ cup  Flour:•    1.5 cup  Water•    1  large Onion, sliced•    1 dash Pepper•    1 ¾ tsp  Podina•    ¾ tsp  Sugar•    1  green Pepper: cut into ring

Food preparation:
1.    Cut steak into serving pieces. Rub with garlic, sprinkle with salt & pepper.
2.    Pound flour into steak.
3.    Heat oil in large split, brown steak on both sides.
4.    Remove meat, place in casserole.
5.    Pour off fat from skillet, mix tomato paste, water and seasoning, heat in same skillet.
6.    Arrange onion and green pepper over meat.
7.    Pour tomato mixture overall.
8.    Cover tightly with lid or aluminum foil, bake at 175 C for 2 hours.

Chapli Kebab Recipe
Serves 2
This recipe also known as Chappal Kebab recipe
•    200 gms beef fine mince•    100 gms pomegranate seeds•    1 tbsp curry powder•    100 gms chickpea flour•    Half tsp chili powder•    4 spring onion, chopped•    1 sprig coriander•    1 cup water•    2 tomatoes, diced•    Salt, to taste•    2 eggs•    Oil, for deep frying

Chapli Kebab Preparation:
1.    Mix chickpea, flour, tomato, onion, coriander, spices, and pomegranate seeds with the ground meat.
2.    Add some water to make the mixture smooth.
3.    Beat eggs & add to the meat mixture.
4.    Add salt to taste.
5.    Shape into patties of the size of an egg.
6.    Fry on low heat until golden brown.
7.    Serve with tandoori roti.

Sweet & sour meat loaf
•    750 gm  ground beef•    1 tsp  salt•    ¼ tsp  ground black pepper•    1 cup  dry bread crumbs•    2  eggs
•    150 gm  canned tomato sauce•    1 tbsp brown sugar•    1 tsp  dry minced onion•    ½ cup  granulated sugar•    2 tbsp  vinegar•    2 tsp  prepared mustard
Food preparation:
1.    Pre heat oven to 175 degree C. in a large bowl, combine the ground beef, bread crumbs, salt, ground black pepper, eggs, onion flakes an half of the can of tomato sauce.
2.    Mix together well and place into a 5X9 inch loaf pan.
3.    Push the meat loaf down into the pan forming a well for the sauce around all the edges.
4.    Bake at 175 degree C for 40 minutes.
5.    Meanwhile, in a small sauced pan over medium heat, combine the remaining tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, and mustard.
6.    Bring to a boil and remove from heat. After meat loaf has cooked for 40 minutes.
7.    Remove from oven and pour sauce over the top of the meat loaf.
8.    Return to oven and bake at 175 degree C for 20 more minutes.
9.    Let’s sit five minute before from pan.

Sindhi Paya Recipe
•    4  paya (cow / buffalo)•    2  tomatoes•    2 tbsp  adrak/lahsan paste•    1 tbsp  haldi powder
•    3-4  Green chillies (cut)•    3  middle-sized onions (cut in thick pieces)•    2 tbsp  sabit dhanya (coarsely chopped)•    Red pepper (as desired-coarsely chopped)•    3 tbsp  ghee or oil•    3 tbsp  Shan Paya Masala
•    garam masala (powdered) if desired•    salt.

Food preparation:
1.    Put four paya, onions, adram/lahsan, green pepper, red chillies, haldi powder, garam masala, sabit dhaniya, salt, tomatoes, ghee/oil in a large pot.
2.    Fill with water leaving apace to avoid spilling.
3.    At night boil it & then cook for 3-4 hours at moderate flame (if water evaporates add more*).
4.    Set aside.
5.    In the morning start cooking again, if the pay as not done add water*) & cook at high flame till the gravy gets thick.
6.    Granish with adrak & dhanya etc & present with naan.
Note: When adding water make sure it is warm, cold water will spoil the food.

Steamed meat Recipe
•    Beef  1 kg•    Red chili powder  1 tsp or as required•    Lemon juice  3 tbsp•    Salt  as required•    Tomato  2, chopped•    Oil  1 ½ cup•    Raw papaya  1 tsp•    Ginger/ garlic paste  2 tbsp•    Vinegar  ¼ cup
•    Cumin powder  1tsp•    Green chili, coriander  as required,•    chopped•    Yogurt  2 cups

1.    Combine all the ingredients in meat. Keep for two to three hours.
2.    In a saucepan, add meat pieces and two cups water and place the saucepan on top of a griddle and seal with a tight lid with either a cloth or flour paste so as to avoid steam escaping the saucepan.
3.    Let meat cook in steam till meat tenderizes.
4.    When water evaporate remove from heat.
5.    After 5-10 minutes cook again till oil separates.

Hunter beef Recipe
•    2 kg  beef, carved in bread shape•    2” stick  dalchini (Cinnamon)•    4 black ilaichi (Cardamom)
•    2 tsp  kulmi shora (crystallized salt petre)•    3 tsp  black pepper•    3 tbs  lemon juice

1.    Wash the meat and dry. Ground all the spices.
2.    Add all spices in lemon juice to make paste. Rub the paste on meat.
3.    Place it in a glass or stainless steel container and cover it. Place the bowl in the fridge for one day.
4.    Next day get the meat out and sort of massage the meat for half an hour so that it absorbs the paste.
5.    Once again put the meat back in the fridge. Repeat the same process each day for six days.
6.    On sixth day remove the meat loaf from the fridge and tie it with a strong string.
7.    Place the meat in a large pot & put 2 cups of water in the pot (not on the meat loaf).
8.    Cook it over low heat for 2 to 3 hours or until the water is absorbed.
9.    Hunter beef ready to serve
10.    Usually this dish is use to make sandwhich, burgers or take a bite with soft drinks.

Gaeng Massaman Recipe
•    450 gms   Stewing beef cut into cubes•    Seeds of 5 cardamoms, roasted until fragrant
•    3 tbsp   Massaman ( Thai ) curry paste•    2 cup   Coconut Milk•    1/2 Cup   Coconut cream
•    3 inch   cinnamon stick•    1 tbsp   unsalted peanuts, shopped•    2 medium-sized   Potatoes, cut into large chunks•    10   shallots•    3 tbsp   Fish sauce•    3   Bay leaves•    3 tbsp  Tamarind juice

1.    Cook curry paste and coconut cream together in a large saucepan for 5 minutes.
2.    Add beef and sauté for 8-10 minutes.
3.    Include coconut milk, bring to a boil and simmer gently to 10 minutes.
4.    Include remaining ingredients and cook till potatoes and meat are cooked.
5.    Serve hot with sliced pickle , veggies and steamed rice

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