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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How can thicken mushroom sauce

When you order a mushroom sauce in restaurants serving good Chinese food in Singapore, the dish is very thick and creamy. However, when you prepare the dish at home, it might not prove to be thick. What is the reason behind this? Do the chefs at top restaurants and better Chill out bar in Singapore add additional ingredients to make the sauce thicker than usual? Well, the leaders at the top restaurants and bars in the country use different methods to make the sauce thick and creamy mushrooms. The dish will taste better when it is served thick. You can use these methods at home as easily while preparing the mushroom sauce.

The most common method used to prepare the mushroom sauce is using mushrooms, butter, garlic, pepper, cumin, paprika, soy sauce and salt. The butter is heated first in a pot, then cumin, garlic, pepper and paprika are added. Now a small portion of soy sauce and left to simmer. Now add the mushrooms, cover the pan with a lid and continue cooking over low heat for about ten minutes. This is the normal procedure used to prepare the dish. If you want to thicken the sauce with mushrooms, you need to use additional ingredients.
Potatoes are the best option before you to thicken the sauce. You must soak the potatoes first in water and cut into small pieces. You must add the potatoes with cumin, garlic, paprika and a cup of extra water while preparing the sauce with mushrooms and this will make the thick plate. You should continue to stir the ingredients to mix the potatoes well with other ingredients. The addition of potatoes will bring a rich flavor to the dish too. However, you must add additional salt, garlic, paprika and to prevent the loss of flavors.

Use of the flour and of the vegetable oil is another way of thickening the mushroom sauce. You need to heat the vegetable oil in a pan separately and then add flour to it. You should mix well and cook for about ten minutes. You should keep aside and use it with the other ingredients while preparing the sauce. Again, you should increase the amount of salt and spices to keep the rich taste of the dish.

Use rice and mashed vegetables is another method that is used to thicken the sauce. When you order the mushroom sauce to a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore, it will be extremely creamy and flavorful due to the use of rice and pureed vegetables while preparing. It is cooked separately in vegetable oil. The rice is added to water in a bowl and boiled. Now, the vegetables are crushed and added to the cuvette. It is baked for about 20 minutes. It is stirred throughout to allow vegetables and rice in water to break. This combination is refrigerated overnight and used for cooking the mushroom sauce. It helps to make a frothy sauce will enhance the taste too.