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Friday, July 4, 2014

Best Cooking Methods for Beef Cuts

Cooking meals for your family, a restaurant, or for personal consumption using the meat is created by people routine. With this, it is expected that there are some ribs to each piece of meat that the person involved. This is far, land, or chest, these cuts are very important in preparing for the desired dish you want to eat. But take heed on this anyway? In particular, he is the one who prepares the meals that should generate interest in this area, or perhaps acquire more knowledge in this area to help increase a person's appetite or a group.

Here is the list of types of beef cuts and the best way to cook:
1) beef brisket - found in the middle part of the neck and the front legs, this cutter is generally used for the manufacture of roasted. It takes a long process to soften as it is a coarsely textured muscle. It is the traditional choice for making corned beef.

2) steak - located at the back of the shoulder of a cow, the central portion of the rib. Usually, this is used for cutting the dry heat cooking. They are tender, delicious, tasty and the area of the cow. Dishes like roast ribs, steak false, barbecues include this cut beef.

3) Sirloin - the middle section down the body of the cow. Just like the prime rib, it is also tender, tasty and delicious, with less fat. Usually chosen for roasting and grilling steaks.

4) Beef Round - located in the rear leg of the cow. The round cut is usually prepared by boiling and can be great for dishes that require braising.

5) Beef Plate - generally known as short plate, this section includes short ribs (located in the chest area) and the skirt steak. This section includes a large amount of cartilage, which happens to be good for braising. Oh, and it is used for ground beef.

6) Beef tenderloin - the finest cut of beef located in the loin where the tenderloin is taken. This is from the pointed end of the net. On the other hand, the Chateaubriand is taken from the middle section of the net. Beef tenderloin is best using methods dry heat cooking, like grilling and broiling.

7) Beef Chuck - hard as it consist of neck, shoulder blade and arm meat. What is good for braised beef dishes like beef stew and roast. It is also perfect for making ground beef.

8) Beef Short Loin - where most desirable discounts are taken as the T-bone steak Porterhouse, and steak. Dry heat cooking is the greatest option for these tender cuts.

9) Beef Shank - is the leg of the animal and full ligament. This is ideal for the Italian dish called osso buco.

10) Beef Flank - a hard meat is usually marinated before being grilled first. This is great for braising and make ground beef.

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How to cook the best Spanish Paella

When you think of Spanish cuisine delicacy the first that comes to mind is the rice dish paella is called. Spanish cuisine is ubiquitously available in Singapore due to its immense popularity and Paella is a dish that is served in most of the tables. People around the world enjoy this dish because of the wonderful taste and pleasant aroma of the dish. Different varieties of this court in the country. Sometimes, after enjoying a delicacy in a comfortable dining in Singapore, you like to cook the same at home often because its delicious taste would feel. Spanish Paella is a dish. Here are the steps to the kitchen this tempting delicacy in the traditional way.

The main ingredients needed to cook this dish are too short grain rice, dried oregano, chicken breast, garlic, chili powder, saffron, laurel, lemon, Spanish onion, red peppers, chorizo ​​shrimp, red pepper and olive oil. Chicken breast should be cut after peeling skin in 2-inch pieces. Red peppers and garlic cloves must be crushed. You should also another red peppers and cut with a Spanish onion. The chorizo ​​should be sanded and hacked with flat sheets Italian.

You should take a medium bowl, add 2 tablespoons olive oil, and mix with pepper and oregano. You need to add salt and pepper to this mixture, season to taste. You must add the chicken pieces in this mixture to coat. After doing this, cover the chicken and save it at a low temperature.

Now, heat the olive oil 2 tablespoons in a paella pan over medium heat. Add garlic and chili powder with rice. You must ensure that the rice with oil and stir plated for 3 minutes. Add the saffron, lemon, bay leaf and chicken broth to this combination. Cover the paella pan, reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes.

Take another pan heat 2 tablespoons olive oil and add the marinated chicken, which was set aside earlier low temperature oil. You should also consider adding the onions and cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat. Now add the sausage and peppers and cook for a few minutes. Then add the shrimp to the mix and turning frequently and cook until both sides are pink.

Now you need to divide the rice mixture on a plate and spread the combination of chicken and shrimp on top. This is exactly the same dish you order Pella in a Spanish restaurant with a nice atmosphere to dine in Singapore. If you have candles on your table and play soothing music while using this delicacy at home, you will be able to enjoy your dinner better. This is one of the best dishes of the Spanish plate that can be easily prepared at home.

Get all the ingredients for the storage and preparation of local food at home for you to enjoy all the instructions of a comfortable wonderful meal!