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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips for making best Waffles

Flour, Milk, Sugar, Eggs, Salt, Vanilla. The many varieties of waffles comes from the additives to the batter, or toppings added when served. Other than that, they are basically the same.

The Batter

Tip 1:
The batter should have regularity similar to gravy. This may call for more or less of the milk called for in the recipe. Only experience will tell you when it looks right. Don't worry though; you will still get good waffles. They just may be a little thin if your batter is too thin. And if too thick, they will be a little chewy, but still good.

Many recipes call for a little oil in the batter. Some do not. You should always put about 1/2 tablespoon of oil (cooking oil/vegetable oil) in your batter. It helps develop the outer crust. It does not matter if you make your waffles crisp and crusty or if you cook them soft like pancakes, the oil is needed.

Tip 2:
DO NOT BEAT THE BATTER VIGOROUSLY! This makes tough, chewy waffles. Gently stir the batter only long enough to thoroughly moisten the dry ingredients. Do not worry about the small lumps in the batter. You will never know they were there after the waffles are cooked.

Your Waffle Iron (Griddle):

Tip 1:
This may seem to be a "no brainer", but I have seen so many people pour their batter in a waffle iron that they turned on 1 minute earlier. The batter will not rise properly in an iron that is not fully up to temp. You will get heavy, flat waffles. Most waffle irons today have lights that tell you when the iron has reached cooking temperature. If you do not have such lights on your waffle iron, be sure to allow it to heat up at least ten minutes.

Tip 2:
Manufacturers of waffle irons direct you not to use cooking spray on your iron. Yes, I know, it is suitable and it seems to work well to prevent sticking, but the manufacturer’s state that, over time, spray will damage the non-stick surface of your griddle. Instead, you should use a vegetable oil (Crisco works well). Just take a basting brush or a paper towel and cover the surface lightly with oil. Your waffle iron will last much longer and Crisco seems to make a better crust on the waffles.

Vanilla and Sugar:
Unless you are making some exotic, jalapeno waffle, always add a touch of sugar and a little vanilla to your batter. Many recipes do not list sugar or vanilla in their ingredients. But it will add that little extra "something" you can not identify...and it is so good.

No matter what kind of waffles you are making, always add beaten egg whites. You can add the yolks or not, but beaten egg whites are necessary to light waffles. The egg whites should be beaten until stiff (like whipped cream) and then gently folded into the batter as the last step.

Check our recipes and use these few easy tips and your next waffles will be the "best" waffles.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Mutton Cuisines

Mutton Karahi Recipe
•    1 kg mutton•    1 tomato chopped•    4 tbsp oil•    1 onion chopped•    4 laung•    ¼ tsp haldi powder•    1 tbsp dhaniya powder•    1.5 tsp adrak/ lehsan paste•    2 tsp chili powder•    ¼ tsp zeera
•    8 whole kali mirch•    2 ilaichi (large & cloves)•    Salt (as desired) 
Food preparation:
1.    Brown the onion in oil. Add water, tomato and masala.
2.    Stir till water dries.
3.    Include meat and cook till water dries again.
4.    Include 4 glasses of water, cover and let cook till meat is done.
5.    Server with Nan and green salad

Achari mutton Recipe
•    800 gm boneless mutton•    4  Onions•    1 tsp  Haldi powder•    1 tsp  Red chili powder•    4  Tomatoes•    ½ tsp Methi seeds•    7 tbsp Mustard oil•    1 tsp  Mustard seeds•    1 tsp  Saunf•    5  Laung•    2 tbsp Adrak (chopped)•    2 tbsp Lehsan (chopped)•    8 Red chili•    1 tsp  Kalonji•    ½ cup Chopped coriander
•    1 tsp  Salt
Food preparation:
1.    Wash and cut the mutton into 1.5 inch size pieces.
2.    Peel and chop the onion. Chop the tomatoes, roast the whole spices separately and grind together coarsely.
3.    Heat oil in the thick-bottom pan to smoking point, cool and again heat the oil.
4.    Cook the onions till brown. Add the chopped ginger- garlic.
5.    Mix well.
6.    Include coarsely ground masala powder.
7.    Cook for a half minute, stirring all the time.
8.    Add mutton, cook on high heat till mutton pieces are well brown add the tomatoes, turmeric powder, red chili powder and salt and mix well.
9.    Cook till oil leaves the masala.
10.    Add sufficient quantity of water (about 2 ½ cups), bring it to a boil and cover.
11.    Cook till the mutton is fully done.
12.    Adjust the seasoning and serve hot garnish with hara dhaniya.

Lamb cutlets recipe
This recipe also known as Marinated Lamb Cutlets Recipe
•    250 gms  Lamb Chops•    10 gms  Fresh mint•    100 gms  Assorted vegetables, boil and minced•    20 ml  Worcestershire sauce•    5 gms  Salt•    50 gms  Lamb, minced•    15 gms  Pepper powder•    20 gms  Thyme•    1  Lemon•    Mashed potatoes and mint sauce to serve.
1.    Mix minced lamb, vegetable salt, pepper, mint, Worcestershire sauce and thyme.
2.    Slit chop along the bone to make a pocket.
3.    Stuff a portion of the minced mixture into it. Marinate lamb cutlets with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
4.    Keep aside for three hours.
5.    Coat with thyme leaves and cook in frying pan on slow flame for 10 minutes.
6.    Arrange in a plate, serve with mint sauce, mashed potatoes and boiled vegetable.

Tandoori Lamb chops Recipe
•    Lamb chops  1kg•    yogurt  1 cup•    Red chilli 2 tsps crushed•    Poppy seeds  2 tsps make a paste•    Vegetable oil  200gms(1 1/2 cups)•    Green chilies  8-10 make a paste•    Ginger Paste  1 tsps
•    Black salt  1 tsp•    Mango powder (amchur)  2 tsps•    Garlic Paste  1 tsps•    Tomato  1/2 kg make a paste•    Salt  To taste•    Onions  2-3 medium make a paste
1.    Clean all the fat from chops and wash them. Then mix all the above
ingredients and oil in the yogurt, mix well and marinate chops for at least 5 hours.
2.    Now chops are ready to cook. You can cook them in a grill or in a frying pan. Just put little bit of oil in the frying pan on low heat.
3.    Then put all the chops on it and cover with lid. After five to six minutes change their side and put the lid back on.
4.    Let them cook for other 10 minutes then put in a plate and garnish with green coriander.
5.    Serve with chutney or sauce.

Mutton Recipes

Jerked lamb with guava sauce
Serves: 6/8
•    2.5 kg leg of lamb, bone (for the jerk seasoning)•    75 ml  vinegar•    2 red  peppers•    1 tsp  ground all spice•    1 tbsp  thyme, chopped•    6  sabz piyaz•    2 tsp  ground dal chini•    1tsp  brown sugar•    1.5 tsp  salt•    1 tsp  jaiphal, grated•    1 tsp  freshly ground black pepper•    1 tbsp  oil
For the guava dipping sauce
•    175 gm  guava jelly•    2 tbsp  vinegar•    1  head lehsan•    1 tsp  hot pepper sauce•    1 tsp  olive oil    Food preparation:
1.    Place the ingredients for the jerk seasoning into a blender and whiz to a thick paste.
2.    Rub the jerk seasoning and salt thoroughly into the lamb.
3.    Cover and marinate into the fridge over night.
4.    Set the oven to 180 C. rub the crushed garlic on the inside of the lamb leg.
5.    Roll up the leg and tie in three places to secure.
6.    Roast for 45 minutes for medium/ rare (add about 15 minutes for well/ done).
7.    To make the dipping sauce, cut of the top of a whole head of garlic.
8.    Pour over the olive oil, wrap it in foil and roast for about 15/ 20 minute, until soft.
9.    Squeezed the garlic cloves out of their skins and crush them ion a sauce pan.
10.    Add the guava jelly and vinegar. Stir until the guava jelly has dissolved, add the hot pepper sauce and bring to a simmer.
11.    Cook for five minutes.
12.    Allow the lamb to rest for 10 minutes before carving.
13.    Just before serving, stir the parsley and coriander into the sauce.
14.    Slice the lamb and serve immediately with the warm sauce.

Mutton and Lentil tagine recipe
Serves 2
•    750 gms mutton, cut into 1 inch cubes•    ½ cup dried lentils•    10 hara dhanya sprigs•    2 tbsp chopped leaves•    2 cups chopped onion•    2 medium garlic cloves, crushed•    1 medium tomato, cut into eight wedges•    1 tbsp olive oil•    1 tsp ground cumin•    4 cups wshed, ready-to-eat spinach•    Salt & pepper to taste
Mutton and Lentil tagine Preparation:
1.    Heat oil in a medium-size non-stick skiller over high heat.
2.    Add mutton cubes & brown for 2 minutes, ensuring they are browned all over.
3.    Remove to a plate.
4.    Add onion, garlic, tomato, cinnamon, cumin, salt & pepper.
5.    Cook for a minute. Add 2.5 cups water, 10 springs hara dhanya & lentils.
6.    Bring to a simmer, reduce heat to medium, cover with a lid & gently simmer for 20 minutes. (The water should be absorbed).
7.    Remove hara dhanya springs, stir in mutton & spinch & cook for 2 minutes.
8.    Divide between 2 dinner plates & sprinkle with chopped dhanya.

Mutton fried boti recipe
•    1 kg  mutton, small cubes•    4  Tomatoes (chopped)•    2-3 tbsp  ghee or oil• 3-4  Green chilies (chopped)•    1 tsp  Ginger-garlic paste•    4-5  Onions (finely chopped)•    1.5 tbsp  gur ( jiggery )•    Coriander leaves (chopped)•    ½ tsp  Turmeric powder•    2 cups  water•    Salt to taste
•    5-6  Potatoes
Mutton fried boti Preparation:
1.    Heat oil or ghee in a pan. Add onions and sauté until golden.
2.    Add chili powder, turmeric powder, and ginger-garlic paste.
3.    Stir for about one minute.
4.    Now add the mutton cubes and cook until the meat gets a light brown color.
5.    Add chopped green chilies, tomatoes, water and salt as required, stir it.
6.    Bring it to a boil.
7.    Cook for 30-40 minutes over low heat.
8.    Mix jiggery ( gur ) and vinegar with it.
9.    Cook again for about 5-6 minutes.
10.    Remove it from the heat. Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves.
11.    Mutton Boti is ready.
12.    Now cut six to seven large potatoes into very thin straws.
13.    Soak them in chilled salty water for few minutes.
14.    Drain the water and dry the straws.
15.    Deep fry the straws in boiling ghee or oil, until golden brown.
16.    Remove excess oil from potato straws and server with Fried Boti.