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Friday, May 2, 2014

Alternatives To Frying Food

In searching for a healthier way to live , I started looking for alternatives to frying. I have tried baking as a substitute ( baked potatoes , ie ) and it's just not the same - my three children also say that is not the same . They do not like the taste of my " fake" baked potato and I do not like having oil loaded potatoes or chicken nuggets every night of the week. No one is happy . Today, I'm looking for alternatives to frying.

Let's face it - Fried Anything and everything becomes a crispy golden brown crispy snack , flaky treats. From candy bars and Twinkies to spaghetti and pizza, almost any food can be thrown into a deep fryer and double salt good. Even the nasty greens such as okra becomes delicious delicacies after a trip to the bathroom frying . Sadly , eating a diet full of fried goodies is a sure way to find yourself overweight , unhealthy, and live a shorter life . If you like the taste of fried foods, there are plenty of healthier alternatives.

1. Try baking .
Baking is a much healthier alternative to frying , as it is a totally different cooking method that uses convection heat to brown the food. With cooking, your food is not Dunking in a bath of cooking oils high in fat , and as a result , you would not be consuming fat and oil soaked crust dough or fried food . This process significantly reduces the intake of fat and calories while maintaining crisp texture that makes fried food so good.

2 . Pan Sear .
Pan ardent meat is an excellent way to get that charred , crunchy texture when in the mood for something else that's fried . The caramelization that occurs at the edges of the meat will trap in the juices and bring an extra filet other flat and flexible flavor. For most people , a well seasoned steak is nicely seared on all sides would be a good alternative to a fried steak .

3. Grill it.
One of the healthiest ways of eating is to grill your food. Not only add a great smoky flavor and charred , grilled texture, fat literally melts keep the meat nice and lean . Grilled vegetables are also full of flavor and very nutritious.

4 . Roast it.
Much like grilled , broiled is another way of cooking with a heat source . The difference here is that grilling , the heat comes from above rather than below. It's another smart choice that will keep your heart healthy and your body fit.

5 . Stew it.
This technique of food preparation is most often used for mixing and the different flavors of meats and vegetables mixed in a pot. The solid ingredients and then everything simmer and using a lot of time water is added . The combination of flavors obtained from a proper stew probably make you forget the fried food for a very long time.

Although I'm not sure any of them are a great replacement for my three children ( very demanding ) at home , I'll start trying these different cooking methods to make my whole family dining healthier !

How Good is the Paleo Diet

The diet of hunter-gatherers or rather known as a hunter -gatherer diet includes foods that can be hunted and fished , such as meat and fish and the foods like vegetables, fruits , eggs, herbs , nuts, seeds and herbs can be collected. The meat are preferably fed additive-free as the grass beef or venison.

With the beginning of animal domestication and agriculture about 10,000 years ago people began to consume dairy products, cereals, alcohol , beans and salt. Industrial Revolution led to the food processing and the manufacture of refined sugar , grains and vegetable oils. These processed food and agriculture have changed the Grundnahrungsqualitätder human diet. The modern man has changed diet , fatty acids, glycemic load , macro - nutrient composition , sodium - potassium ratio , fiber and acid -base balance . These changes are intended to be the cause of " civilization diseases " such as obesity , diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer , depression , etc.

The Paleo diet with more protein content ( 19-35 % of energy) has a good cardiovascular effect and helps in effective weight loss strategy . The fats in the shredder diets are high in saturated fats primarily in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and moderate amounts . Interestingly, the ratio of omega- 6 to omega -3 is low as grass-fed cows more of omega three fatty acids.

The energy density of the Paleo diet is also less as it contains more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to increase the Sättigungswertvon food also . The vitamin and mineral content of this diet is far superior than the standard diet of civilization. Seafood and fish that are to play an important role in this diet rich in iodine, selenium , copper, iron and zinc. Although carbohydrate content is low, the diet that is rich in fiber, such as the diet , a significant increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Since it is rich in fiber which foods are low glycemic index.

The Paleo diet reverses the sodium - potassium ratio , thus reducing the incidence of stroke and high blood pressure. If diets , animal products , processed foods and animal protein consumed , it increases the acid load in the body and thus uses calcium to buffer pH . This leads to the development of kidney stones , osteoporosis , and loss of muscle mass. The Paleo diet with fruits and vegetables produce net base load Contrary to Nettosäurebelastungund thus prevents the excretion of calcium and the diseases that are associated with it.

With all this goodness, it is important to note that the diet is deficient in calcium and vitamin D , which prevent essential for bone fractures and osteoporosis. Since many beans and legumes excluded high protein content are , it may withdraw the essential proteins leads to loss of muscle mass and Muskelschwächesein .

The more meat recommendation in this diet is often linked to an increased risk of disease and disrupts the ecosystem. Weight loss is simple, but maintenance is difficult because the lost weight is gained when " forbidden" foods will be reintroduced. There is not much scientific studies to secure the claim of the Paleo Diet.

Restaurant for Eating Delicious Fried Chicken

Tamil Nadu not vegetarian cuisine consists of a variety of chicken recipes that are popular for its taste and flavor range . Especially chicken recipes like fried chicken , grilled chicken , salsa chicken and other chicken dishes have nutrients like calcium , protein and carbohydrates that are necessary for our health. All school districts in Tamil Nadu has a unique style in making chicken dishes also related has unique taste and flavor. The method of preparing chicken recipes also has a different method in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu.

Some of the most popular chicken recipes are chicken biryanis , fried chicken , chicken curry , tandoori chicken , pork chop , chicken kebab and grilled in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Each region has been using different ingredients in the production of chicken recipes . We can savor the taste variety in different places across Tamil Nadu. The combination of ingredients has an important role in making delicious chicken recipes .
People want to have chicken items for lunch and dinner, especially in the south and north India . Mostly bodybuilders like to have chicken items to develop their health and body. Time to cook different chicken recipes take only minutes, so people cook chicken recipes related to at least twice a week in the middle class family . Housewives like to know the different methods of preparation of different chicken recipes to make at home. Mostly children and delicious fried chicken to eat at restaurants in the area.

Chicken dishes are important among different delicious non-vegetarian dishes in India , especially in Tamil Nadu. Chicken curry is available at a reasonable rate in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Proteins and carbohydrates are rich in chicken than other meats . These nutrients are necessary for the human body . Especially items like chicken , fried chicken, grilled chicken , biryani, chicken sauce , chicken masala and chicken kebabs are the favorite food of body builders to build your body too. Chicken dishes are considered the main components of food in southern India and northern India. Most families prefer to cook chicken meals , and to take a few minutes to cook .

People need things chicken for lunch and dinner especially in the south and north India . Generally weight lifters have things like chicken to create your health and your waistline. Weather for cooking various formulas chicken takes just minutes , so people cook chicken related formulas no less than twice a week class teamwork . Housewives like to know the various systems for making distinctive ways to make chicken at home.

Most Indian families want my family to a restaurant for food once a week or month. That time most people like to have different items like chicken biryani , fried chicken, chicken sauce and grilled chicken . The types of chicken dishes are also low and medium in India , especially in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Explosive chick is a famous family restaurant to buy fried chicken, grilled chicken and rice bowls in Chennai. It has branches in Attur , Bangalore, Kallakurichi , Thanjavur , Tiruvarur and Tiruchengode