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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Potatoes Nutrition

Sweet potato is a staple food that is grown here in Jamaica and several other countries worldwide. He was one of these root crops cultivated by the Arawak Indians who inhabited the island when Christopher Columbus set foot on the island. There are several varieties of the staple being grown here. The three most commonly grown are white, yellow or dark orange when cooked.
Sweet potatoes are extremely versatile, as such, they are consumed in many ways. The potato can be eaten by a simple pull of the skin and boil with a pinch of salt. It can be diced, boiled and used to make a salad or sweet potato can be added to the soup to help improve the flavor in the meantime, adding body to the soup.

Another very popular way to use sweet potatoes is to make a "candied" dish. In fact, it's delicious holiday for most families. Sweet potatoes may also be bleached, which is after peeling and put the slices in a pan of boiling water for about 5 minutes, they are rapidly eliminated and walked in cold water. These pieces of blanched sweet potato has been properly drained can be fried lightly.

Sweet potatoes can be cooked as a whole. Usually, a potato-sized high is ideal for cooking. After peeling potatoes in the oven, it can be eaten as is or adding a little butter.

For use as a snack, sweet potatoes could be peeled, sliced ​​and fried. Sweet potato chips are delicious and always a pleasure to welcome included in family gatherings, business meetings and any other social event.

Added to all the uses mentioned above is the sweet potato pudding. It is a popular pastry in Jamaica, and a number of islands in the Caribbean. Unlike other uses of sweet potatoes in the ideas already advanced; make the pudding sweet potato, the potato is cooked, it is rather peeled and grated.

Like most things, there are several variants of the sweet potato pudding. Among them are, with sweet potato and yam yellow cornmeal, sweet potatoes, cornmeal and flour or sweet potato with coconut. The real delight of the pudding is the combination of creamy coconut milk with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla with sweet grated potato. Cooking is no less real than the delicious aroma that fills the air surely triggers all the excitement necessary to get the taste buds going and digestive juices in a state of anticipation.

Sweet potato pudding is a tasty treat served in restaurants, sold in corner stores, school canteens, and dozens of pastries.

Cupcake Wraps and decoration Evolution

I remember when I was younger, my grandmother would always expect a cute little cupcake on me, and they would all of the layout of cake decorations and let me decorate it, when I arrived. My family reunion almost always ended with a small white cake decorated with lots of chips and chocolate frosting on top, such as desserts. Today, the cupcakes from the usual white cake flavor to more complex shapes, such as red velvet cupcakes, muffins, carrot cake and much, much more developed.

While housing and flavor of cupcakes over the years have improved, so you have the accessories used in the preparation and cake decorating brand new and some improved. These accessories have cake cupcakes even more interesting to cook and decorate.

Wraps and Liners
Wraps and liners cake plates or round thin paper, like parchment paper, are used to provide a thin barrier between the cake and the cake pan. The job of a cake liner is to keep the cupcakes moist and sweet and make it even easier to take the cupcakes from the pan after you have finished cooking and cooling.

White paper can be used to identify the main style of Cupcake Liners be available. Finally, manufacturers have offered solid color cupcake liners you could buy for events such as birthdays or anniversaries. A few years later, the paper liners with colorful designs to suit your party that were made available. If she wants Spiderman or Hello Kitty, you will find the paper lining that meets your needs, is no longer a problem.

Not only muffin cases emerged in art, the big trend today is wrap your baked and decorated with cupcake cupcake wraps. Cake-packs are the new chic in the industry pie. Cake wraps are easy to handle and may even resemble the cupcake baker novice as a designer of a small sewing shop cake.

Cupcakes Towers
Cupcakes used to be cooked and placed on a plate, or maybe even a pie plate for display. They showed no long in my house as I remember, they were once cooked, they were eaten. There was no time for fancy decorations and displays.

These days, cupcakes are the centerpiece of the dessert table for many occasions. In fact, the latest trend in wedding cake wedding cakes. Cupcake trees and cupcake towers are used to support small wedding cake, hundreds of beautifully decorated cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake in many marriages today show. The party guests can even make their own cake at home in small containers specially designed cake.

Depending on the size of the event may be, may Cupcake Towers 3-7 levels with an average speed. Are mostly can be easily disassembled, cleaned and stored for later use, while others are disposable, the host does not have to worry about cleaning the tower and storage of the cake after the game. Single-use towers are generally cheaper than reusable, but if you plan to have several events throughout the year, it would be beneficial in a price range slightly higher, reusable turn that would really save you money in the long run.

Cupcakes have always occupied a place in my heart and remember the simple things in life I enjoy. That said, the cake accessories available on the market, simple things, a little more fun.

There are many places to find ideas for cupcakes online. Here you will find an online store, or will have Cupcake Cake Blog that contains information on ideas for baby shower cake, birthday cake and novelty cake decorations.

Remember, in this day and age, you'll find everything you know about cupcakes online.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bulalo - Filipino Beef Soup Recipe

If you go to different parts of the Philippines, you will see variations of dishes and recipes that you not seen before. Many countries have their own recipe pride, their brand is unique when it comes to food. A province that I know of is Batangas. Famous as livestock areas of the Philippines, BatangeƱos found their own unique method of cooking her specialty - Bulalo. Bulalo or soup bone marrow from cattle in English, has won the hearts of many Filipinos through the years, and was a popular Filipino soup. The hotter the soup is the best. So now we will discover how the soup is cooked.
Preparation time 10 minutes, estimated cooking time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Here are the ingredients:

• 2 kg of beef bone marrow, have your butcher chop it into small pieces

• 1 kg of boneless beef shank or stewing beef

• 1 onion, peeled and sliced

• 3 liters of water

• 2-3 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered

• 2-3 Saba (cooking banana), banana, cut into two pieces

• 1 whole medium cabbage, quartered

• 3-4 tablespoons fish sauce (patis)

• Salt and pepper to taste

Now you can have all the ingredients ready, we'll start cooking. First, bone marrow and blanch beef boneless beef shank or stewing in boiling water for a while and rinse with cold tap water to get rid of the foam and blood. Next, place the bone marrow and onion in a pan, pour in 3 liters of water to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 40 minutes. Add to bring the braising boneless beef shank or beef and cook. When he comes back, can reduce heat to simmer and, until meat is tender, about 1 to 1 ½ hours. A good trick to do, if beef is soft beat with jackfruit leaves, the faster it will help the meat tender. Now add the potatoes and bananas. Simmer until the potatoes are soft and bananas, which can take about 10-15 minutes to complete, are. Then add the cabbage and season to taste Stir in fish sauce, salt and pepper. And finally, cook the mixture until the cabbage is tender, crisp, about 2 minutes, it would be. Serve with rice. And that's it!

Beef, the main component of bulalo is a good source of minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron and vitamin B. See, bulalo not only a good soup, this soup is a healthy way.

Beef cook this recipe may take some time because the beef. The beef should be soft enough to chew on you, it's hard to eat beef if it is not soft enough (do not forget that!). Another good thing to add to this recipe is to use the stock cube, there are many commercial products, to sell the beef cubes in the flavor. It would add flavor to your bulalo.

Prepare meals for your family always makes fun because you know that is what you are cooking safe, healthy and delicious. So why not try this recipe Philippine Bulalo, for your next meal? This is not only delicious but also good for your health. Happy eating!

History of Chafing Dishes

Cafing Dishes have been around for thousands of years and are a type of indoor grill as all fire and possibly the precursor of the fondue. Stoves have been beautifully crafted bronze found in the ruins of Pompeii, they showed in the first century after Christ. They were much appreciated by the Romans in their sumptuous banquets and later in historical letters from the year 1520, when the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes to Charles V describes their abundant use of plates and bowls to keep warm in sumptuous banquets for hundreds of noble feasts mentioned in the height of the Aztec empire. The sixteenth century Baroque painter Diego Velazquez portrait of a woman preparing a meal of eggs in a stove and Louis XV kitchen, it serves to keep the delicious dishes of the culinary hot courtiers. In the seventeenth century, this type of cookware has been documented in the household in America.

Velasquez seems to be rubbing flat sandstone, silver chafing, but used as a platform heater were under the reign of Queen Anne, mentioned at the end of the seventeenth century. It was George II, in the mid-eighteenth century, who had the foresight to put handles on stoves that have made life so much easier for chefs and cooks servants must of the time! The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, shows a dish of bright brass rubbing with brass fittings dating back to the 1895th The copper is ideal because it is durable and conducts heat evenly, while the rest brass handles cool enough lift and move.

In the 1950s, the hostess trolley has been designed. This was to mimic substantially a chafing dish large (or series of courses) on wheels in a wood surround, one piece of furniture. It was assumed that women leave the kitchen, with the foods you prepare in advance and keep them warm while they entertained guests with her husband. This fell into disuse rather quickly, as was the preference for dining with a taste for food left on a hot plate for several hours! With the declining popularity of the trolley hostess came the rebirth of the stove, versatile, compact, portable and more attractive than large wooden plates at several levels to the hearses.

Today silver cafing dish (or at least silver plated) is a popular accessory for any table and can cost as little as $ 15.00 and if your taste for Princess House collectibles Fantasia silver platter or tray is traditional, it will scour distribute it to match your decor and taste and fun to make friends for dinner a little easier for you.