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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barbeque Recipes

Grilled Beef Recipe
This recipe also known as recipe beef tenderloin
•    1 kg tenderloin beef, pared & cut into medium steaks
For the marinade:
•    3 tbsp each, chopped parsley, olive oil & vinegar•    1 tbsp chopped ajwain•    3 cloves garlic, crushed
•    1 tezpan
•    200 gms each, julienned carrot, baby marrow, leeks, celery & shredded lettuce•    30 gms unsalted butter
•    5 gms fresh thyme•    50 gms dry raisings    

Grilled beef Preparation:
1.    In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients for the marinade.
2.    Place beef steaks in the marinade & turn to coat well on all sides.
3.    Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours, turning occasionally.
4.    Grill to desired level of doneness.
5.    In a frying pan, heat butter & sauté vegetables until soft, add raisin & thyme.
6.    To serve place sauted vegetables in the middle topped with portions of grilled beef.

Barbecued Beef Ribs Recipe
This recipe also known as Oven Baked Beef Ribs
Serves 4.
•    2 kgs  short ribs of beef•    1 tsp  crushed re pepper flakes•    ¾ cup  chopped onion•    ½ cup chopped celery•    ½ cup chopped green bell pepper•    1 tsp freshly ground black pepper•    2 cloves  garlic, minced
•    1.5 cups  barbecue sauce•    1 tsp salt•    1 tbsp  steak sauce 

Barbecued beef rib preparation:
1.    Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C. Cut the strips of short ribs, between each bone, into pieces.
2.    In a small bowl, combine the salt, black pepper & red pepper flakes.
3.    Sprinkle all over the pieces of beef.
4.    Place in a 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan.
5.    Sprinkle with the onion, celery, bell pepper & garlic.
6.    Bake, covered with aluminum foil, for 1.5 hours.
7.    In a bowl, stir together the barbecue sauce & steak sauce.
8.    Pour over the ribs & bake for 1.5 hours longer or until the meat is tender when pierced with a fork, turning the ribs every half hour.

Chicken Kebab Recipe
Serves 2
•    250 gms boneless chicken•    1 tsp  lemon juice•    5 tsp each  yoghurt & cream•    3 tsp  chopped garlic
•    Half tsp  ginger and garlic paste•    Half tsp each  cumin powder, kasuri methi, chaat masala & garam masala powder•    Salt  to taste•    1 tsp  chili powder•    50 gms  butter

1.    Marinate chicken with all ingredients, except butter & chaat masala, for 15 minutes.
2.    Skewer the chicken piece & grill in the oven or charcoal for ten
minutes or until golder brown
3.    Apply melted butter on chicken pieces.
4.    Remove them from skewers & sprinkle chaat masala on top.
5.    Serve with mint chutney.

Bihari Kabab Recipe
•    1/2 Kg  Beef, filets•    1 tsp  Ginger Paste•    1 tsp  Garlic Paste•    2 tbs  Papaya, Unripe & grinded
•    2 tbs  Yogurt•    1 tbs  Oil•    1tsp  Green chilies, chopped•    1 tsp Chili Powder•    Salt  to taste

1.    Mix all the ingredients to make a fine paste and mix beef in it.
2.    Keep aside for 4 to 5 hours or more.
3.    Skew the marinated beef in wooden or steel skewer and barbecue over
4.    Brush the oil on the beef and grill them until brown.
5.    Behari kebab is ready to serve.

Shish Tauk Recipe
Serve 4
•    Salt & white pepper to taste•    1 kg Chicken breast, cut into 3-cm cubes•    100 gms Garlic crushed
•    100 ml  Olive oil•    100 gms Mushrooms•    100 ml  lemon juice•    50 ml Yogurt•    50 gms  Tomato paste     

1.    Mix together all the ingredients except mushrooms & refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
2.    Skewer alternately with mushrooms & grill till done.
3.    Serve with chutney and chapati

Egyptian meat balls Recipe
•    1kg  beef•    1  slice soft bread•    Half cup milk•    2  onions•    Salt & pepper  to taste

1.    Mince beef and onions (till smooth consistency).
2.    Soak bread in milk and add to meat together with the seasoning.
3.    Mix well and shape into round balls.
4.    Grill or fry on skewers or in a double grill until cooked.
5.    Served with your favorite dip and Chapati.

Fish Kabab Recipe
•    1 KG  Salmon Fish or any of your choice•    10  Red Chilies, grounded•    1 tsp Garlic Paste•    1/4 cup Onion, sliced•    1 tsp  Ginger Paste•    1/2 cup Plain Yogurt•    1 tsp  Garam Masala Powder•    Salt  to taste•    Cooking Oil for frying

1.    Fry the onion in oil until the onion soft or light brown and place it on paper towel to remove access oil. Set aside.
2.    Cut the fish into small pieces and rub them with 1 tea spoon salt, two table spoon of plain yogurt, garlic paste, Then washed comprehensively.
3.    Marinate them with remaining ingredients that is ginger paste, garam masala, plain yogurt, ground chili, salt and fried onion for an hour.
4.    Skew the marinated fish in wooden skewer.
5.    Brush the oil on the fish and grill them until brown.
6.    Add stick on fish kebab after taking off skewers for a warm serve.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beef Recipies

Grilled Beef Recipe
This recipe also known as recipe beef tenderloin
•    1 kg tenderloin beef, pared & cut into medium steaks
For the marinade:
•    3 tbsp each, chopped parsley, olive oil & vinegar•    1 tbsp chopped ajwain•    3 cloves garlic, crushed•    1 tezpan
•    200 gms each, julienned carrot, baby marrow, leeks, celery & shredded lettuce•    30 gms unsalted butter
•    50 gms dry raisings•    5 gms fresh thyme 

Grilled beef Preparation:
1.    In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients for the marinade.
2.    Place beef steaks in the marinade & turn to coat well on all sides.
3.    Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours, turning occasionally.
4.    Grill to desired level of doneness.
5.    In a frying pan, heat butter & sauté vegetables until soft, add raisin & thyme.
6.    To serve place sauted vegetables in the middle topped with portions of grilled beef.

Baked Italian steak Recipe
This recipe also known as Italian Grilled Steaks
Serves: 5
•    1 kg  Round steak (1inch thick)•    ½  clove Garlic•    3 tbsp  cooking oil•    small Bay leaf•    170 gm  tomato paste•    ¾ cup  Flour:•    1.5 cup  Water•    1  large Onion, sliced•    1 dash Pepper•    1 ¾ tsp  Podina•    ¾ tsp  Sugar•    1  green Pepper: cut into ring

Food preparation:
1.    Cut steak into serving pieces. Rub with garlic, sprinkle with salt & pepper.
2.    Pound flour into steak.
3.    Heat oil in large split, brown steak on both sides.
4.    Remove meat, place in casserole.
5.    Pour off fat from skillet, mix tomato paste, water and seasoning, heat in same skillet.
6.    Arrange onion and green pepper over meat.
7.    Pour tomato mixture overall.
8.    Cover tightly with lid or aluminum foil, bake at 175 C for 2 hours.

Chapli Kebab Recipe
Serves 2
This recipe also known as Chappal Kebab recipe
•    200 gms beef fine mince•    100 gms pomegranate seeds•    1 tbsp curry powder•    100 gms chickpea flour•    Half tsp chili powder•    4 spring onion, chopped•    1 sprig coriander•    1 cup water•    2 tomatoes, diced•    Salt, to taste•    2 eggs•    Oil, for deep frying

Chapli Kebab Preparation:
1.    Mix chickpea, flour, tomato, onion, coriander, spices, and pomegranate seeds with the ground meat.
2.    Add some water to make the mixture smooth.
3.    Beat eggs & add to the meat mixture.
4.    Add salt to taste.
5.    Shape into patties of the size of an egg.
6.    Fry on low heat until golden brown.
7.    Serve with tandoori roti.

Sweet & sour meat loaf
•    750 gm  ground beef•    1 tsp  salt•    ¼ tsp  ground black pepper•    1 cup  dry bread crumbs•    2  eggs
•    150 gm  canned tomato sauce•    1 tbsp brown sugar•    1 tsp  dry minced onion•    ½ cup  granulated sugar•    2 tbsp  vinegar•    2 tsp  prepared mustard
Food preparation:
1.    Pre heat oven to 175 degree C. in a large bowl, combine the ground beef, bread crumbs, salt, ground black pepper, eggs, onion flakes an half of the can of tomato sauce.
2.    Mix together well and place into a 5X9 inch loaf pan.
3.    Push the meat loaf down into the pan forming a well for the sauce around all the edges.
4.    Bake at 175 degree C for 40 minutes.
5.    Meanwhile, in a small sauced pan over medium heat, combine the remaining tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, and mustard.
6.    Bring to a boil and remove from heat. After meat loaf has cooked for 40 minutes.
7.    Remove from oven and pour sauce over the top of the meat loaf.
8.    Return to oven and bake at 175 degree C for 20 more minutes.
9.    Let’s sit five minute before from pan.

Sindhi Paya Recipe
•    4  paya (cow / buffalo)•    2  tomatoes•    2 tbsp  adrak/lahsan paste•    1 tbsp  haldi powder
•    3-4  Green chillies (cut)•    3  middle-sized onions (cut in thick pieces)•    2 tbsp  sabit dhanya (coarsely chopped)•    Red pepper (as desired-coarsely chopped)•    3 tbsp  ghee or oil•    3 tbsp  Shan Paya Masala
•    garam masala (powdered) if desired•    salt.

Food preparation:
1.    Put four paya, onions, adram/lahsan, green pepper, red chillies, haldi powder, garam masala, sabit dhaniya, salt, tomatoes, ghee/oil in a large pot.
2.    Fill with water leaving apace to avoid spilling.
3.    At night boil it & then cook for 3-4 hours at moderate flame (if water evaporates add more*).
4.    Set aside.
5.    In the morning start cooking again, if the pay as not done add water*) & cook at high flame till the gravy gets thick.
6.    Granish with adrak & dhanya etc & present with naan.
Note: When adding water make sure it is warm, cold water will spoil the food.

Steamed meat Recipe
•    Beef  1 kg•    Red chili powder  1 tsp or as required•    Lemon juice  3 tbsp•    Salt  as required•    Tomato  2, chopped•    Oil  1 ½ cup•    Raw papaya  1 tsp•    Ginger/ garlic paste  2 tbsp•    Vinegar  ¼ cup
•    Cumin powder  1tsp•    Green chili, coriander  as required,•    chopped•    Yogurt  2 cups

1.    Combine all the ingredients in meat. Keep for two to three hours.
2.    In a saucepan, add meat pieces and two cups water and place the saucepan on top of a griddle and seal with a tight lid with either a cloth or flour paste so as to avoid steam escaping the saucepan.
3.    Let meat cook in steam till meat tenderizes.
4.    When water evaporate remove from heat.
5.    After 5-10 minutes cook again till oil separates.

Hunter beef Recipe
•    2 kg  beef, carved in bread shape•    2” stick  dalchini (Cinnamon)•    4 black ilaichi (Cardamom)
•    2 tsp  kulmi shora (crystallized salt petre)•    3 tsp  black pepper•    3 tbs  lemon juice

1.    Wash the meat and dry. Ground all the spices.
2.    Add all spices in lemon juice to make paste. Rub the paste on meat.
3.    Place it in a glass or stainless steel container and cover it. Place the bowl in the fridge for one day.
4.    Next day get the meat out and sort of massage the meat for half an hour so that it absorbs the paste.
5.    Once again put the meat back in the fridge. Repeat the same process each day for six days.
6.    On sixth day remove the meat loaf from the fridge and tie it with a strong string.
7.    Place the meat in a large pot & put 2 cups of water in the pot (not on the meat loaf).
8.    Cook it over low heat for 2 to 3 hours or until the water is absorbed.
9.    Hunter beef ready to serve
10.    Usually this dish is use to make sandwhich, burgers or take a bite with soft drinks.

Gaeng Massaman Recipe
•    450 gms   Stewing beef cut into cubes•    Seeds of 5 cardamoms, roasted until fragrant
•    3 tbsp   Massaman ( Thai ) curry paste•    2 cup   Coconut Milk•    1/2 Cup   Coconut cream
•    3 inch   cinnamon stick•    1 tbsp   unsalted peanuts, shopped•    2 medium-sized   Potatoes, cut into large chunks•    10   shallots•    3 tbsp   Fish sauce•    3   Bay leaves•    3 tbsp  Tamarind juice

1.    Cook curry paste and coconut cream together in a large saucepan for 5 minutes.
2.    Add beef and sauté for 8-10 minutes.
3.    Include coconut milk, bring to a boil and simmer gently to 10 minutes.
4.    Include remaining ingredients and cook till potatoes and meat are cooked.
5.    Serve hot with sliced pickle , veggies and steamed rice

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seafood Recipes

Stir-Fried Prawns Recipe
Serves 4
•    135 gm fresh shelled large cooked prawns•    2 tbsp vegetable oil•    1 clove garlic, finely chopped•    Half cup frozen peas•    3 tbsp water•    4 spring onions•    1 chilli, finely sliced•    Half tsp fresh ginger, finely chopped
•    1 tbsp soy sauce•    1 tsp corn flour solution (water with corn flour)•    Sesame seeds, for garnish•    100 g water chestnuts sliced

Stir-Fried Prawns Preparation:
1.    Heat a wok with oil till it is almost smoking then add prawns, ginger, chilli & garlic & cook for 2-3 minutes.
2.    Add water chestnuts, soy sauce, water & cook for 2 minutes.
3.    Add corn flour solution. Peas & spring onions.
4.    Cook for a further 2 minutes or till the sauce thickens.
5.    Garnish with sesame seeds & serve on a bed of egg noodles.

Shrimps ragout with white beans Recipe
•    750 gm shrimps, cooked and drained•    1 cup white beans•    One-third cup minced shallot
•    celery & turnip•    6 tbsp butter•    Quarter cup each diced carrot,•    1 cup heavy cream
•    Saffron, a pinch•    Dill springs, for garnish•    Salt & pepper to taste

Food preparation:
1.    Shell prawns & cut meat into se4rving pieces.
2.    In a small saucepan sweet diced vegetables in two tbsp butter over very low heat. Cover for 6-8 minutes or until just tender.
3.    Season with salt-n-pepper.
4.    In a small saucepan, bring cream & saffron to a boil; simmer until reduced to 2/3 cup.
5.    Cream should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
6.    Cook white beans in a saucepan by boiling in salted water for 30-45 minutes drain & refresh.
7.    In a skillet heat 2 tbsp butter, add shallots & cook over low heat just until softened.
8.    Add shrimp, season with salt-n-pepper & cook over medium-high heat for a minute.
9.    Add saffron, cream, diced vegetables & beans.
10.    Stir in about 1 or 2 tbsp softened unsalted butter & toss to coat.
11.    Transfer to a warmed dinner plate & serve immediately, garnished with sprigs of dill.

Baked fish Recipe
Serves 4
This recipe also known as Oven Baked Fish
•    750 gm  cod, hake or snapper fillets or steaks•    1 tsp  cumin•    1/8 tsp  cinnamon•    1 piece  (1 inch) ginger root grated•    ¾ cup  each loosely packed flat leaf parsley, cilantro leaves•    3 tbsp  olive oil
•    2 cloves  garlic•    ½ cup  coriander seeds•    2 tbsp  orange juice plus more for thinning•    1 tsp  hot paprika•    1 tsp  lemon zest•    1/8 tsp  saffron (optional),•    1/8 tsp  ground re pepper•    ½ tsp  salt     

Baked fish Preparation:
1.    Heat oven to 232 C.
2.    combine garlic, ginger, parsley, cilantro, olive oil, orange juice, cumin, paprika, lemon zest, coriander seed, saffron, cinnamon & red pepper in a blender or a mortar & pestle; blend to a paste.
3.    Season fish fillets with salt; rub in half of the spice mixture.
4.    Place fillets in a greased shallow baking dish; cook until fish is just cooked through.
5.    Then the remaining half of the spice mixture with orange juice to make a smooth sauce; spoon over fish fillets.

Fish red curry Recipe
This recipe also known as Thai red fish curry
•    200 gms hammour fillet•    20 gms  coconut milk•    Fish sauce to taste•    5 gms  green peppercorns
•    5 gms  adrak•    5 gms  red curry paste ( Thai )•    3 gms  lemongrass•    5 gms  red chillies•    3 gms  sweet basil•    3 tbsp  oil

Fish red curry Preparation:
1.    Heat one tbsp oil in a pan & fry fish until cooked on both side.
2.    Heat remaining oil in another frying pan & sauté curry paste.
3.    Add coconut milk & let it simmer for five minutes.
4.    Add the remaining ingredients & cook for another three minutes.
5.    Place fish on a platter & pour the sauce over it.

Tuna sandwich Recipe
Serves 2
This recipe also known as Tuna salad sandwich or Tuna fish sandwich
•    50 gms flaked tuna•    1 lemon Juice•    Mayonnaise, as desired•    1 tbsp chopped parsley•    Salt & pepper, to taste•    Finely-grated Cheddar cheese and coriander chutney, as desired•    4 slices brown bread

Tuna sandwich Preparation:
1.    Mix tuna, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and parsley and Cheddar cheese.
2.    Spread chutney on bread slices and to pit with the tuna mixture.
3.    Pan-fry sandwiches in butter until golden brown on the outer side or make toasted sandwiches in a sandwich maker.
4.    Cut it into half and serve immediately.

Fried fish with chili sauce Recipe
This recipe also known as Deep fried fish with Thai chili sauce
•    150 gms  fish fillet•    Oil, as need•    Basil seeds, for garnishing For sweet chili sauce•    50 gms  red chilies, halved lengthwise•    25 gms  cilantro, chopped•    100 ml  water•    25 gms garlic, minced
•    100 gms  fish sauce•    100 gms  sugar•    175 ml  lemon juice      

Fried fish with chili sauce Preparation:
1.    Scrape red chili seeds & combine all ingredients in a pan.
2.    Simmer until the chillies & garlic is soft, stirring occasionally.
3.    Score the fish filled diagonally & repeat the same action in the opposite direction, leaving the skin to hold the resulting cubes together.
4.    Deep fry fish till it turns crispy & golden brown.
5.    Drain & place it on a platter.
6.    Spoon sauce over & serve.

Grilled shrimps Recipe
•    3  ripe tomatoes, quartered, seeded & finely chopped•    3  cloves garlic, finely chopped
•    Half  cucumber, finely chopped•    1  red pepper, seeded & finely chopped•    2  shallots, peeled & finely chopped•    3.5  cups tomato juice•    1 tsp  olive oil•    2 tbsp  red vinegar•    ½ tsp  sugar
•    Freshly ground pepper, to taste•    ¼ tsp salt
For grilled shrimp)
•    ½ kg  shrimp, peeled & divined•    1 tsp  olive oil•    1  clove garlic, minced•    1/8 tsp  cayenne
•    2 tbsp  fresh lemon juice•    1/8 tsp  zeera

Food preparation:
1.    Mix together tomato, cucumber & red pepper.
2.    Include garlic & shallots stir in tomato juice, vinegar, oil sugar, salt & pepper cover & allow chilling several hours or overnight.
3.    Place shrimps remaining ingredients in bag & squeeze gently to coat shrimp evenly refrigerate about 30 minutes.
4.    Drain & discard marinade skewer shrimp preheat grill to medium-heat or allow coals to burn down to white ash.
5.    Spray grill grate with non-stick spray coating.
6.    Grill shrimps 3-4 minutes per side or just until shrimp are done and turn pink; do not over cook.

Baked fish fillet Recipe
•    1 tbsp lemon juice•    90 gm  fish fillet•    15 gm  cream•    2 gm  saunf powder•    2 gm  zafran
•    20 ml  fish stock•    Salt & pepper, to taste
For the marinade
•    10 gm  pine nuts, roasted•    1 tbsp  olive oil•    30 gm  red pepper•    20 gm  tomatoes•    10 gm  shallots
•    5 gm  each, thyme & oregano•    20 gm  butter

Food preparation:
1.    Season fillet with salt, pepper & lemon juice. Keep aside.
2.    Blend all the ingredients for the marinade well & marinate the fish I n it.
3.    Pour fish stock over.
4.    Bake the fish in a preheated oven for 6-8 minutes at 180 degree C. reduce the cream, add zafran, saunf powder, salt & pepper.
5.    Using a hand blender, churn the mixture to make it frothy.
6.    To serve, place fish on a plate & drizzle cream around.
7.    Serve with grilled vegetables & pumpkin risotto.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rice Recipes

Kachi Biryani Recipe
•    Rice: ½ kg•    Chicken: ½ kg cut into small pieces•    Red chili powder: 2 ½ tsp•    Garam masala: ½ tsp•    Yogurt: 1 cup•    Zafran, kewra essence, yellow colour: as required•    Milk: ½ cup•    Onion: 2 thinly chopped•    Ginger/ garlic paste: 1 tsp•    Salt: to taste•    Coriander, mint leaves, green chilies: for flavor and garnishing as required.

Food preparation:
1.    Boil water for rice by adding cinnamon 1 stick, 4 big cardamoms and black cumin seeds 1 tsp and salt as required.
2.    In a sauce pan heat oil and fry onion till brown and keep a side, crush them later.
3.    In chicken pieces add yogurt, ginger, garlic, red chili powder, salt half onion, half garam masala, chopped coriander, mint and green chilies and marinate for 2-4 hours so that all ingredients are mixed well in the chicken.
4.    Now add rice in the boiling water and boil till rice is half tender remove and drain.
5.    In a sauce pan, spread layer of rice and then crushed onions then mint leaves and chopped coriander and green chilies.
6.    Repeat layer after layer.
7.    Later mix zafran and food colour in milk and add in rice.
8.    Now add kewra essence as well.
9.    Now cover the sauce pan with a lid and seal with flour from all sides.
10.    Cook for 5-7 minutes on high heat.
11.    Then cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

Nawlakha Pullao Recipe
•    Rice  ½ kg•    Chicken boneless  ½ kg, make cubes•    Ginger/ garlic paste  1 tsp•    Salt  to taste•    Onion  2 medium, thinly chopped•    Roasted cumin powder  1 tsp•    Garam masala  1 tsp•    Oil  1 cup•    Red chili powder  1 tsp•    Pistachios  1 tsp•    Raisins  ¼ cup•    Lemon juice 1 tsp•    Chicken stock  ½ cup•    Tomatoes  ¼ cup, cut into small cubes•    Yoghurt  1 cup, beaten•    Carrot  ½ cup, cut into small cubes•    Peas  ½ cup•    Potatoes  ½ cup, boiled and cut into small pieces•    Almonds  ¼ cup, peeled•    Cashew nut  ¼ cup   

Food preparation:
1.    Heat oil in a wok and fry onions till golden. Remove half of the onion.
2.    In the remaining onion add chicken, ginger/ garlic paste and fry.
3.    Now season with red chili powder, cumin powder and salt.
4.    Now add chicken stock in it and cook till chicken tenderize, add all the vegetables in it and cook for 5 minutes.
5.    Now add rice and 1 cup water and let it cook.
6.    When rice tenderize, keep covered with a lid on low fire for a few minutes and sprinkle lemon juice and brown onion on top.
7.    Garnish with pistachio, almonds and raisins.
8.    Serve with salad and raita.
Soya Rice Recipe
Serves 4
•    2 cups rice, washed & soaked for 10 minutes•    1  onion, thinly sliced•    2  green cardamoms•    20  Soya nuggets•    4 tbsp  coconut milk powder, mixed with 4 cups of water•    6  green chilies, thinly sliced•    2  cloves•    2  bay leaves•    4  cloves garlic, thinly sliced•    Chopped mint leaves, for garnishing•    Salt  to taste•    1  cinnamon stick•    4 tbsp  Oil    

1.    Pressure-cook soy till soft. Strain & keep aside.
2.    Strain rice & cook in coconut milk & keep aside.
3.    Heat oil in a pan. Sauté cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, stick & bay leaves.
4.    include garlic, green chilies & onion fry till golden brown.
5.    Add Soya nuggets & cook for another five minutes.
6.    Add cooked rice, adjust salt & mix well.
7.    Garnish with mint & serve.
Brown Cinnamon Rice ( Sweet )
•    Brown Rice  2 cups•    Ground cinnamon ( Dalchini )  1.5 tsp•    Almond Chopped  half cup
•    Dried currant ( Kishmish )  Half cup•    Water  5 Cup•    Sugar  to taste
1.    Boil water in a pan and add sugar to it.
2.    Include brown rice to the above and cook it over medium flame till rice turn tender.
3.    Keep it covered for 15 minutes, put off the flame.
4.    Include dried currants, almonds and grounded cinnamon to the rice. stir it.
Panchrangi Kichdi / Kichri Recipe
•    Turmeric powder Half tsp•    coarsely chopped onion  200 gms•    Black gram (whole Urad Daal)  100gms•    Kidney beans (rajma)  100 gms•    Black-eyed beans  100 gms•    Lentil (masur daal)  100 gms•    Green gran (whole moong daal  100 gms•    Basmati rice boiled 500 gms•    Chopped garlic  100 gms•    Cumin seeds (zeera)  50 gms•    Chilies  6 gms•    Oil or ghee  4tbsp•    Salt and pepper  to taste     

1.    Add turmeric powder and salt to the lentils and cook till done.
2.    Heat ghee in a wok and splutter cumin seeds.
3.    Include remaining ingredients, except rice and lentils and sauté for 2 to 3
minutes gently or still slightly crispy.
4.    Add rice and lentils in it.
5.    Server Hot with Raita.

Saudi rice and meat
•    Half kg meat, cut into half inch cubes•    3 cups basmati rice, soaked in water for 15 minutes, then drained
•    Half tsp dalchini•    1 tbsp ground ilaichi•    2-3 lahsan cloves, minced•    Quarter cup raisins
•    2 tbsps tomato paste•    Quarter cup chopped onion•    Half tsp ground laung•    Half tsp salt
•    Half tsp ground black pepeer•    1.5 tbsp butter•    Quarter cup toasted pine nuts, Quarter cup toasted almonds

1.    Brown meat, on all sides in 1 tbsp butter.
2.    Include seasoning to meat & stir.
3.    Pour 3 cups boiling water over the meat.
4.    Cover & let cook for one hour on a medium high heat, till the meat is done.
5.    Measure the broth left in a measuring cup. Add enough water to make up 3 cups of liquid.
6.    Stir onions & lahsan with half tbsp hot melted butter, till slightly brown.
7.    Add the meat & liquid to the onion mixture. Stir tomato paste over.
8.    Bring to boil then add the rice & raisins.
9.    Cover the pen & reduce heat to low. Let cook for 30 minutes.
10.    Open the pan & stir just the top layer. See if rice is cooked.
11.    You may need to cook, covered, a few minutes longer.
12.    Serve hot
Sindhi Biryani Recipe
For meat curry
•    1.5 kg Mutton•    1/2 kg  Potato, cut into large chunks•    1/2 kg  Tomato, chopped•    1 tsp  Red chili powder•    4 tsp  Salt•    3  Medium onion, Sliced•    2 tsp Garlic paste•    250 gms  Yogurt•    250 gms  Oil•    6  Green chilies•    2 tsp  Ginger•    8  Green cardamoms (Chhoti Ilaichi)•    4  Black cardamom pod (Bari Ilaichi)•    10 pieces  Black pepper•    1 tsp  Cumin seed•    10  Clove•    1  Cinnamon stick (Dalchini)•    2  Bay leaf (Tez Patta)•    2 tbsp  Coriander leaves•    10-15  Prune (Aaloobukharay)
For rice preparation
•    1 kg  Basmati rice, soaked in water for at least 1/2 an hour•    3 tsp Salt•    3  Bay leaf•    3  Cinnamon stick•    2  Black cardamom pod
For final mixing
•    2 tbsp  Mint leaf•    2 pinches Yellow food coloring 

 There are three steps to make Sindhi Biryani
Curry preparation, Rice preparation, Mixing method
Curry Preparation
1.    Fry the onion in oil until it become light brown and take out one-fourth of it. keep aside
2.    In the reaming fried onion Add ginger, garlic, prune, tomatoes, chili powder, salt,
cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and cumin seeds and fry until the tomatoes are tender and the water is dry.
3.    Now Add mutton, yogurt and water when needed and cook on medium heat till water evaporated and tomatoes are tender.
4.    In the meantime boil the potatoes until it becomes half cooked.
5.    Finally add green chilies, mint, coriander leaves, and the potatoes to the meat and Simmer for 2, 3 minutes.
Rice Preparation
1.    Put the rice in a pot with water and boil it with salt, bay leaves, cinnamon and
black cardamom.
2.    Drain the water when rice half done.
Mixing method
1.    Layer the curry with the rice in a pot in one on one layers.
2.    On top of the last layer Sprinkle the food color, fried onions ( spare earlier ), and chopped mint leaves .
3.    Tightly closed the lid and make sure no steam passes out and cook on very low heat until the rice is done
4.    Mix it gently before serving.
Serve with Raita.

Snacks Recipes

Mini Meatballs Recipe
Serves 4
For the meatballs
•    250 g cooked beef mince•    1 egg, whisked•    60 ml each, plain flour & soft breadcrumbs•    1 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley
For the coating
•    125 ml plain flour•    125ml dry breadcrumbs•    1 egg, whisked•    Oil, for shallow-frying

Mini Meatballs Preparation:
1.    Mix all the ingredients for the meatballs & divide them into lemon-size portions.
2.    Coat each ball in flour first, then in the egg & finally in the breadcrumbs.
3.    Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes, allowing the balls to set well.
4.    Deep-fry in medium oil till golden brown.
5.    Drain on paper towels.
6.    serve with salad & mashed potatoes.

Meat Croquettes Recipe
 French Cuisine
•    Meat (chicken / beef / mutton)  2 cups, diced and cooked•    Celery  3 tbsp, minced•    Oil  1tbsp
•    Onion  1/4 cup, chopped•    Capsicum  1tbsp, minced•    Paprika 1tsps•    Salt  To taste•    Eggs  2
•    Black pepper Powder  1/4 tbsp•    Lemon juice  2tbsps•    Bread crumbs  2tbsps•    Parsley  1tbsp, minced•    Fresh bread crumbs  2 cups•    Oil  For frying

1.    Sauté onions in oil until light golden and translucent.
2.    Combine all ingredients except bread crumbs and eggs.
3.    Chill the mixture, beat eggs and roll croquettes in egg and then breadcrumbs.
4.    Fry and turning so all sliced are brown.

Falafel Recipe
Serve: 4
•    1cup dried chickpeas•    2 cloves of garlic, chopped•    Oil for frying•    3 tbsp of fresh parsley, chopped
•    1 tsp coriander•    1 large onion, chopped•    1 tsp cumin•    2 tbsp flour•    Salt & pepper (as desired)     

Falafel preparation:
1.    Place dried chickpeas in a bowl, covering with cold water.
2.    Allow to soak overnight. Drain and place in a pan with fresh water, bring to a boil.
3.    Allow it boil for 5 minutes, then let simmer on low for about an hour.
4.    Drain and allow to cool for 15 minutes.
5.    Combine chickpeas, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper (to taste) in medium bowl.
6.    Add flour, mashed chickpeas, ensuring to mix ingredients together. (You can also combine ingredients in a food processor.) You want the result to be a thick paste.
7.    Form the mixture into small bowls, about the size of a ping pong bowl.
8.    Slightly flatten. Fry 5/7 minutes in 2 inches for oil until golden brown.
9.    Serve hot.
Serving guide: Falafel can be served as an appetizer with hummus and tahini, or as a main coarse. Stuff pita bread with falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, tahini, salt and pepper. As an alternative, falafel can be formed into patties and serve like a burger.

Eggplant patties Recipe
Serves 6
This recipe also known as Baingan patties recipe
•    1 cup Baingan, diced & cooked until tender•    3 tbsp flour•    Three-quarters cup cooked rice
•    1 egg•    Dash red pepper sauce•    2 tbsp grated onion•    Half tsp salt•    Pinch black pepper
•    Half cup Cheddar cheese, shredded

Eggplant patties recipe Preparation:
1.    Drain & measure 1 cup of the cooked Baingan into a bowl.
2.    Mix with remaining ingredients.
3.    Cover & chill thoroughly.
4.    Medium heat oil in a heavy skillet over, drop mixture by tablespoonfuls & fry until nicely browned on both sides.
5.    Serve immediately as a side dish with sliced tomatoes or salsa.

Chickpea patties Recipe
•    2 cups chickpeas, soaked overnight•    2 tbsp rice flour•    2 onion, finely chopped•    coriander and curry leaves, finely chopped•    1 inch ginger•    salt, to taste•    oil, for frying
Chickpea patties preparation:
1.    Coarsely grind chickpeas with little water to make a thick batter.
2.    Add remaining ingredients & mix well.
3.    Take 2 tablespoonfuls of the mixture on your damp palms, flatten it out gently & gently slip it into hot oil.
4.    Fry till golden brown on both sides & cooked.
5.    Drain & serve hot with tomato ketchup

Malaysian meat patties
•    125g  minced meat•    5 large potatoes (boiled & peeled)•    2 tsp butter•    1 egg (separated)
•    Cooking oil for deep frying•    1clove (lahsan), finely chopped•    1 onion (chopped)
•    Half tsp grated Jaiphal•    Salt & pepper to taste•    1 stalk celery (chopped)

Food preparation:
1.    Mash potatoes: add meat, garlic, butter & residual ingredients except oil & egg white.
2.    Add Pepper & salt to taste.
3.    Make small balls of this mixture.
4.    Heat oil on medium flame.
5.    Dip patties in egg white & deep fry.
6.    When cooked to golden brown, remove & drain well on paper towel.
7.    Serve hot with boiled white rice or enjoy as snacks with chutney.

Iranian Kotlet
Serving 4
•    500 gms  ground lamb or beef•    3-4  medium eggs•    2-3  medium onions•    500 gms  small potatoes
•    2 spoons  chopped parsley•    Cooking oil•    one cub  bread crumbs•    Salt & black pepper to taste

1.    Boil potatoes for 15-20 minutes over high heat until soften, then peel & mash them.
2.    Peel & grate onions.
3.    Add to potatoes with eggs, salt, black pepper, parsley & meat.
4.    Mix well until the mix is quite even.
5.    Remove balls from the mix about 4-5 cm in diameter.
6.    Spread bread crumbs until it is fully covered.
7.    Shape into balls.
8.    Heat up cooking oil in a frying pan. Fry each Kotlet over medium heat on both sides until golden.
9.    Serve with parsley, sliced tomatoes, and flat bread.

Seafood cheese spring roll
•    200 gms  Shrimps•    300 gms  bean thread noodles•    20 gms Red bell pepper•    50 gms  Crab sticks
•    10 gms  spring onion•    50 gms  White cabbage•    100 gms  Beans sprout•    15 gms  Salt
•    5 gms  Sugar•    30 gms  Red onion and carrots•    60 gms  Cheddar cheese grated•    1 Pinch  white pepper•    5  Lumpia wrapper

1.    Heat the wok. Turn off the flames and pour in the garlic oil.
2.    Sauté onion until it becomes light brown, add the seafood ingredients and toast for a minute.
3.    Add the vegetables and seasoning and cook for two minutes.
4.    Transfer the mixture into a colander. Drain for a minute and cool.
5.    Wrap the fillings in the Lumpia wrapper. Place wrapped spring roll in food keeper with cover. Store in chiller.
6.    Take out when you are ready to fry it.

Desserts Recipes

Choco Banana Pudding Recipe
•    175 gms self-raising flour•    150 gms butter•    150 gms sugar•    100 gms milk•    1 egg•    2 ripe bananas•    125 gms chocolate chips, Chocolate Sauce•    100 gms dark chocolate•    25 gms sugar•    100 gms fresh cream 

Choco banana pudding Preparation:
1.    Chocolate Sauce: boil all the ingredients together on low heat till smooth.
2.    Pudding: Sift flour into a bowl & rub in butter until it has a breadcrumb-like texture.
3.    In another bowl, mash bananas & mix it with butter-flour mixture.
4.    Add sugar & mix well.
5.    Whisk milk with egg & beat along with mixture.
6.    Stir in chocolate chips. Pour the mixture into a prepared mould, cover lightly with foil & steam for an hour at 170 degress C.
7.    Serve hot with chocolate sauce.

Falooda Recipe
2 Serving
•    2 cups milk•    2 tsp rose water•    1 packet falooda sev•    ½ tsp soaked tukmuri seeds•    2 scoop vanila icecream

Falooda Preparation:
1.    Boil the sev in water for 20 minutes.
2.    Drain the excess water.
3.    Boil it in little milk over medium heat for 15 minutes.
4.    Add ice to cool the boiled sev.
5.    Put the sev in glasses. Add rose water.
6.    Also add soaked tukmuri seeds.
7.    Pour in milk & add ice.
8.    Top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Susa Sweet Recipe
•    1 Cup  wheat flour•    1  Banana•    3-4 Ilaichi•    1 Tbsp  Saunf (crushed)•    1 Cup sugar•    Enough water to make dough

Susa Sweet Preparation:
1.    Mix sugar & water to make thick syrup.
2.    Mix flour & water to make dough, include saunf, illaichi & banana.
3.    Leave for 15 minutes.
4.    Heat oil. Deep fry spoonful of dough till light golden.
5.    Remove and dip in sugar syrup.
6.    Serve chilled.

Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe
Ingredients for Sweet Potato Halwa:-
•    1 cup  sugar•    250 gms  sweetened condensed milk•    50 gms cashew nute, chopped•    2 cups  milk
•    2 tsp  rose water•    120 gms  ghee•    1 cup  sweet potato, cooked & mashed•    1 tsp  ground cardamom

Sweet Potato Halwa Preparation:
1.    Put sugar, milk, condensed milk & ghee into a large saucepan.
2.    Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture reaches a softball stage or 116 C (to taste for softball stage drop a quarter teaspoonful into a cup of cold water.
3.    If it firms enough to be shaped into a ball, it has reached the required temperature). Remove from heat.
4.    Add mashed sweet potato & heat with a rotary beater until all the lumps are smoothed out.
5.    Mix it well in a bowl.
6.    Heat a non-stick pan to about 116 C. cook the mixture again for five to ten minutes.
7.    Remove from heat, stir in the nuts, rose wather & cardamom.
8.    Pour into a well battered shallow dish or baking tin.
9.    Press lightly with a piece to buttered banana leaf or aluminum foil to smooth & flatten the surface.
10.    Allow to cool & set.
11.    Cut in desired shape & serve.

Ravo Recipe
 This recipe also known as Sado Ravo recipe
•    2 cup Semolina•    1 tbsp Pistachio Slivers•    ½ tsp Vanilla Essence•    1 tbsp Almond Slivers
•    2 cup Milk•    2 tbsp Sugar•    1/3 tsp mixed cardamom•    2 tbsp Butter or ghee•    1/3 tsp nutmeg powder  

Ravo Preparation:
1.    Melt ghee or butter in a karhai kept on low flame.
2.    Add semolina & fry till it becomes pale gold.
3.    Add milk & sugar.
4.    Stir till the mixture gets thickened.
5.    Transfer the mixture into a pie plate & leave to cool.
6.    Sprinkle cardamom, nutmeg, almonds, vanilla essence & pistachios over the mixture & serve.

Custard Recipe
This recipe also known as Vanilla Custard recipe Or recipe egg custard
•    1 litre milk•    ½ tsp cardamom powder•    ½ tsp vanilla essence•    2 tbsp sugar•    4 eggs•    ½ tsp nutmeg•    ½ tin condensed milk•    4 tbsp almonds, blanched, slivered

Custard Preparation:
1.    Bring the milk to a boil & continue to cook till it is about three quarter of its original quantity.
2.    Stir in the condensed milk & sugar; continue to cook for five minutes.
3.    Remove from heat and cool.
4.    Whisk the eggs, add the nutmeg, cardamom, half the almonds and vanilla, then combine with milk.
5.    Pour into a buttered baking dish, bake in a preheated oven at moderate temperature for an hour or till set.
6.    Sprinkle remaining almonds when almost done.
7.    Refrigerate and serve

Apple strudel recipe
This recipe also known as strudel recipe
•    30 gms  apple, diced•    10 gms  prunes•    10 gms  sultanas•    5 gms  each, sugar & butter•    1 tsp  cinnamon powder•    10 gms  grated coconut•    1  spring roll dough sheet
Fruit Salsa:
•    15 gms  diced pineapple & strawberry•    50 gms  coconut ice-cream•    5 gms  pomegranate
•    Meringue & red currant for garnishing•    10 ml  sugar syrup

Apple strudel Preparation:
1.    Filling: Saute apple in butter then add sultana, prunes.
2.    Continue cooking over very low heat. When soft, add sugar & cinnamon powder.
3.    Remove from heat & add grated coconut.
4.    Mix thoroughly & then keep in the chiller for a while.
5.    Fruit Salsa: Bring sugar syrup to a boil then add diced fruits along with pomegranate.
6.    Keep aside.
7.    Spread the filling on the spring roll dough sheet & roll it tightly.
8.    Bake in a preheated oven for 10 minutes till golden brown.
9.    Slice & serve with coconut ice cram, salsa meringue & red currant.

Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe
This recipe also known as Corn Sohan Halwa
•    1 kg corn flour•    1 kg ghee•    1 cup milk•    100 gms pistachios•    1 kg sugar•    100 gms almonds•    1 tsp saffron

Multani Sohan Halwa Preparation:
1.    Mix corn flour in 1 cup of water & allow it to melt properly.
2.    Dissolve saffron in water.
3.    Mix 3 cups of water in sugar & boil for sometime.
4.    Add milk & boil it for 5 minutes.
5.    Blend corn flour & saffron mix to it.
6.    Cook the mixture over medium heat.
7.    As the fusion turns thick, start adding oil & stirring till the mixture gets separated.
8.    Add almonds & pistachios.
9.    Place this on greased plate.
10.    Keep it for cooling for a while.
11.    Cut into pieces.

Burnt Orange treat Recipe
Serves 6
•    5  medium oranges•    4 tbsp  sugar•    20 cm  pastry case, baked blind•    2 tbsp  grape juice
•    85 gms  caster sugar•    1  egg beaten•    30 gms  plain flour•    85 gms  butter•    1 tbsp  apricot jam
•    55 gms  ground almonds

Burnt Orange treat Preparation:
1.    Preheat oven to 180 degree C.
2.    Wash & thinly slice oranges, lay on a baking sheet & sprinkle with sugar.
3.    Place in the oven for 10-15 minutes until sugar has earamelized & the oranges are turning brown.
4.    Remove from the baking tray & white they are still warm place on non-stick parchment paper.
5.    Beat butter & caster sugar together until light & fluffy, stir in egg & fold in flour & almonds.
6.    Spread the base of the pastry case with apricot jam & spoon over almond mixture.
7.    Pour grape juice over orange slices & then arrange them on the top.
8.    Lower the even temperature to 170 degrees C. Cook for 20 minutes & serve white warm with cream.

Kulfi Recipe
•    4 slices white bread with the brown sides removed•    1 tsp ilaichi powder•    750 gm unsweetened condensed milk

Kulfi preparation:
1.    Crumble the bread slice into fine powder.
2.    Include condense milk & bread crumbs in a bowl.
3.    Mix well with a hand held mixer/blender.
4.    include ilachi powder & mix again.
5.    Pour into kulfi moulds, cover well and freeze for eight hours.

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Cookies Recipes

Mini Meringues Recipe
•    Egg white 04•    Caster sugar1-1/4 cups•    White vinegar 1 tsp•    Sifted corn flour1 tbsp•    Red food color 2 drops

1.    Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Beat in caster sugar by the spoonful, untill sugar has dissolved and the mixture is thick.
2.    Fold in corn flour, vinegar and food color. Pipe rosettes on to a baking
sheet lined with foil and bake at 100 degree C for 40 minutes.
3.    Switch off the oven and leave it to dry out.

Algerian Almond Cookie Recipe
This recipe also known as Dziriat
•    ½ kg almonds, whole, blanched•    2 eggs, beaten lightly•    2 cups water•    1 cup sugar•    3 cups powdered (confectioner’s) sugar 

Food preparation:
1.    Preheat oven to 175 C.
2.    Place the almonds & sugar in a food processor & process until the almonds are finely pulverized.
3.    Remove to a bowl.
4.    Make a well in the center of the almonds & stir in the eggs with a wooden spoon until the dough starts to come together.
5.    Knead the dough until smooth. Cut into 4 equal portions & place on a floured work surface.
6.    Roll one portion out into a rope about three-fourth inch in diameter. Press down with your palm to flatten the rope to about half-inch thickness.
7.    Cut the rope on a diagonal into 1-inch pieces & remove to an un greased cookie sheet.
8.    Repeat with the remaining dough.
9.    Bake cookies for aobut 12-15 minutes, or until they are lightly browned on top.
10.    Remove to racks & cool completely.
11.    While the cookies bake, bring water & half cup sugar to a rapid boil in a saucepan over high heat.
12.    Stir to dissolve sugar & let boil for 10-15 minutes.
13.    Remove & cool to room temperature.
14.    Stir in the orange flower water. Put powdered sugar in a large bowl.
15.    To complete, dip each cookie first in the sugar syrup to wet.
16.    Then toss in the confectioner’s sugar to coat well.
17.    Put on a rack to dry & repeat with the rest of the cookies.
These easy-to-make, flourless cookies are excellent served with tea or coffee. They will keep for over a month stored in a well sealed container.

Tea Cakes Recipe
•    1 cup margarine, softened•    2 cups flour•    1 tsp vanilla extract•    1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
•    1/2 cup toasted pecans, chopped
For Coating
•    Confectioner’s sugar

1.    Combine together cream margarine, confectioner’s sugar and vanilla until flufy.
2.    Combine it in the flour and kneading well to make dough. Chill for 2 hours.
3.    Make small pieces of dough and roll it in small balls and placed on greased baking sheet.
4.    Place this baking sheet into oven and bake at 375 degree untill light brown.
5.    Remove from oven and place on wire rack.
6.    Coat the tea cakes by rolling it in confectioner’s sugar and serve.

Mango mini muffins Recipe
Makes 18 mini muffins
•    Half cup  Whole wheat flour•    Half cup all-purpose flour•    Quarter tsp coconut extract•    2 tbsp brown sugar, firmly packed•    Half tsp baking soda•    2 tbsp toasted wheat germ•    One eight tsp salt
•    Half cup ripe mashed mango•    1 egg, beaten•    1 tbsp skim milk•    2 tbsp vegetable oil
•    Quarter tsp almond extract

Food preparation:
1.    Mix first six ingredients in large bowl ; make a well in center of mix.
2.    Combine mangos, oil, egg, milk & flavorings; include liquid mix dry ingredients, strings just until dry ingredients are moistened.
3.    Spoon batter intro greased & floured miniature muffin pans, or pans which have been lined with miniature muffin cups.
4.    Fill 3 fourth full, Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.
5.    Remove from pans & let cool slightly on wire rack.

Grated Chocolate roll
•    Eggs  4, seprated•    Castor sugar 1/2 cup•    Thickened cream  3/4 cup•    Icing sugar  2 tbsp•    Dark chocolate  60 gms, grated•    Self-Raising flour  1/2 cup•    Hot water  2 tbsp•    castor sugar  2 tbsp (extra)•    essence of vanilla 1tsp

1.    Grease a 25 cmx 30 cm swiss roll pan, Line base and sides with paper , grease paper well.
2.    Beat egg-yolks and sugar in a small bowl with electric mixer for about five minute or until thick and creamy.
3.    Transfer mixture to the large bowl, fold in hot water and chocolate, then fold in sifted flour.
4.    Beat egg whites in small bowls with electric mixer or beater until soft peak form, fold into mixture, pour into prepared pan.
5.    Bake in moderate oven for about 12 minutes. Turn immediately on to paper which has been sprinkled with extra sugar.
6.    Turn crisp edges from sides of cake in pepper form the long side. Stand two minutes,
unroll, cool.
7.    Spread with vanilla cream, roll up.
8.    Serve topped with extra whipped cream and chocolates curls if desired.
Vanilla cream: Beat cream, icing sugar and essence in a small bowl with electric mixer or beater until soft peaks form.

Salad Recipes

Potato Salad with Parsley Recipe
Serves 4
• 4 medium-sized potatoes, boiled in salted water• Half cup mayonnaise• 1 small onion, chopped
• Half tsp lemon peel, grated• 2 large eggs, boiled & chopped(For dressing, mix together)
• Half cup sour cream• 1 cup mustard paste• Half cup parsley, chopped• 1 tbsp lemon juice
• 1 tsp salt•  Pepper, a pinch

Potato Salad with Parsley Preparation:
1.    Peel and dice potato when warm.
2.    Add chopped egg, dressing and mix well.
3.    Cool & serve.

Persian Rice salad Recipe
• 300 gm  mixed basmati & wild rice• 1 inch piece of fresh root ginger, peeled & finely chopped
• Small bunch mint leaves, chopped• 3 tbsp  olive oil• 12  dried apricot, diced• Half tsp  round cinnamon
• Zest of half orange• 50 gm  pistachios chopped• Juice of 1 orange• Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Food preparation:
1.    Boil rice, drain & refresh with cold water, set aside.
2.    Mix together the ginger, orange juice/zest, cinnamon, all spice, olive oil & stir into rice along with the apricots, pistachios & mint.
3.    Taste & season, adding a squeeze more orange if you like.
Note: This salad can be made up to 25 hours in advance, covered & kept in the fridge. If transporting it, remember that, like meat & cheese dishes, it is also important to keep rice cold. ** when zesting fruit, take care to grate just the skin, avoiding the white pith as this will add a bitter flavor).

Tuna Salad Recipe
Serving 4
• 200 gms  fine green beans, trimmed• 16 small potatoes• 80 ml  olive oil• 30 ml  basil pesto• 20 ml  lemon juice• 4  hard-boiled eggs, peeled & quartered• 1 can  tuna chunks in water, drained

1  Bring half a saucepan of water to a boil & add beans.
2.    Cook for 30 seconds, then remove from the water, drain & refresh in cold water.
3.    Add potatoes to the boiling water reduce heat & simmer for 10-15 minutes or until tender.
4.    Drain & cut each potato in half.
5.    For the dressing, mix together lemon juice, olive oil & basil pesto.
6.    Pour over potatoes while they are still hot & toss to coat.
7.    Set aside until cool.
8.    Add beans, tuna, & eggs to the potatoes & toss gently.
9.    Chill until ready to serve.

Smoked fish salad Recipe
Serves 4
•  500 gms  smoked fish (mackerel or salmon trout)•  6  hard-boiled egges, peeled•  60 ml milk
•  2 ml  sugar•  2  red peppers, sliced•  1 tsp  lemon juice•  60 ml  oil•  Salad leves•  Salt & freshly ground pepper to taste.
Smoked fish salad Preparation:
1.    Remove the skin & bones from the fish & flake the flesh.
2.    To make the dressing, remove yolk from three of the eggs & mash them with milk to make a smooth paste.
3.    Add sugar & half the lemon juice.
4.    Whisk in the oil, a little at a time.
5.    Chop egg white finely & add to the fish.
6.    Add dressing & mix well.
7.    Divide salad leaves between serving plates, add pepper slices & top with fish mixture.
8.    Cut remaining eggs into quarters & divide among serving plates.
9.    Drizzle with remaining lemon juice & season with salt & pepper.

Bavarian Potato Salad Recipe
• Potatoes  4 cups, peeled and sliced 1/4 inch thick• Salt  To taste• Lemon juice  2 tbsps• Onion  1/3 cup, chopped• Chicken Stock 2 cups• Vegetable oil  1/4 cup• Sugar  1/2 tbsp• Black pepper powder as required.

1.    Boil potatoes in broth with 1/4 tsp salt until tender and darin.
2.    Toss warm potatoes with vegetable oil and onions.
3.    Dissolve 1/4 tsp salt and sugar in lemon juice. Pour over potatoes.
4.    Marinate salt for 1-2 hours. Before serving serve at room temperature.

Chicken and Line Noodle Salad Recipe
• Bake Parlor noodles  250gms (1 packet)• Green onion  2, thinly,sliced• Red capscium - 1 thinly sliced
• Carrots  1 medium, thinly sliced• Fish sauce  2tbsps• Chicken  2 cup, boiled and shredded• Coriander  1/2 cup, chopped• Garlic  2 cloves, crushed• Red chilli  1, chopped• Vinegar 2tbsps• Lemon juice  1/2 cup
• Mint leaves  1/2 cup• Peanut oil  1/3 cup• BBQ chicken masala  1/2 packet• Butter  50 gms (5-6 tbsps)
1.    Boil water in pan with salt in it,add Bake Parlor noodles in hot water,boil, drain water and keep the noodles in a bowl.
2.    Mix BBQ chicken masala and butter, garlic, red chillies, vinger, fish sauce in a frying pan and fry in
peanut oil till golden brown.
3.    Take a big salad bowl, mix chicken vegetables and  herbs then add boiled noodles in it and mix well.
4.    Sprinkle lemon juice and little peanut oil.
5.    Delicious salad is ready to serve.

Greek Salad Recipe
• 300 gms Greek feta cheese• 24  olives• 150 gms  each, cubed cucumber & halved cherry tomatoes
• 50 ml  extra-virgin olive oil• 1  red onion, cut into rings• 20 ml  lemon juice• Salt & pepper  to taste
For garnishing
• Parsley leaves
1     Mix cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, onion & olives in a bowl.
2.    Drizzle olive oil & lemon juice & season with salt & pepper.
3.    Toss well.
4.    Garnish with parsley & serve.

Cheddar Olive Salad Recipe
Ground beef, cheddar cheese and olives form the base for this maxican-style salad tossed with tomatoes and corn chips. Add your favorite chilies if you like it spicy. This is hearty enough for dinner.
Serving 8
• Ground beef  1 lb• Sliced pimiento-stuffed olives  1/3 cup• Medium tomato, coarsely chopped  3
• Shredded cheddar cheese 2 cups• Commercial spicy-sweet French salad dressing  1/2 cup
• Sliced ripe olives, drained  2.2 ounce• 1 Large head lettuce, shredded• corn chip  3 cups

1.    Cook ground beef in a large skillet until browned, stirring to crumble meat.
2.    Drain and cool slightly. Combine beef, cheddar cheese, salad dressing, black olives and green
olives. Now Chill.
3.    Add lettuce, tomatoes and corn chips, tossing gently. Server Salad immediately.