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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fast Food Recipes - How To Make Them Healthier

Most people want to eat fast food. This is because fast food meals are convenient and tasty. However, always buy from these foods can be a hole in your wallet. Buy So instead, get some recipes to follow and prepare the food at home. If you than anything you can get from fast food, are good aromas and flavors are embarrassing, there are ways that you can make fast food healthy recipes for you and your family.

Make burgers healthier home first buy fresh meat market. Do not choose pre-ground meat. Instead, choose a lean cut of meat, such as steak with or without visible fat less, and ask the butcher to fix the meat for you. For juicy burgers, season your meat with herbs and spices, such as barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce and garlic. Prepare your burger before serving with your family by dressing with raw vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and onions. You can also use spices like mustard instead of mayonnaise. If you want a cheeseburger, add a few slices of low-fat cheese. Choose whole-grain bread for your hamburger.
You can replace your own healthy pizza dough with half of the amount of white flour with whole wheat flour. This will help. The pizza dough with extra nutrients and fiber wholemeal You can also add some flax seed mixture, if you like, it contains omega-3 fatty acid. If you do not have the time or resources to make the dough, pizza dough, look for pre-made whole wheat supermarket. Instead of regular cheese, top your pizza with cheese mid skim milk or low-fat. Choose lean meat and trim. Add a few slices of fruit and vegetables on the pizza like peppers, onions, mushrooms and pineapple.
Fried chicken
Make your own health oven fried chicken at home. Buy boneless skinless chicken breasts / thighs market and enjoy (low fat) buttermilk. Then roll each piece of chicken flavored in crumb mixture. Before the chicken in the oven, spray generously with canola oil over each piece first. Your oven should be preheated to 450 degrees before you put in the chicken. Cook the chicken in the oven for about 20-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Chicken sandwich
The chicken is in fact one of the best healthy meat and all. However, make sure that you do not understand, the skin of your recipe if you do not want the health value of chickens, are not affected. To make your chicken sandwich, toast your first skinless chicken. Use whole wheat bread and serve with low-calorie dressings or condiments. Do not forget to add lots of vegetables in your sandwich.

Fries and onion rings
What makes a little less fried foods healthy is that they are cooked in oil. For a healthy meal, they must contain less fat than necessary. Therefore frying is a cooking method that you should avoid if you want more healthy diet. You can still enjoy fried foods, do not fry them in a pan with plenty of oil, but in the interior of the oven. The case is the same with what you've done with the fried chicken. First you need to cut your potatoes or onions in the desired size and shape. Coating the surface of each piece spray canola on them. Then browned in a hot cooked (450 degrees) oven.
Prepare to enjoy a lighter milkshake your family. You can light your favorite ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Do not use whole milk. Use skim or low-fat instead. In this way you can cut the fat and calories, but slightly increase the protein in your shake.