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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For safe and healthy cuisine, it is important that the kitchen clean. It's much more fun to cook in a clean kitchen. Here are some important tips for cleaning kitchen, you know, for a kitchen cleanser and less crowded should read as follows:
  • To clean fast food burning on the stove, add a little detergent and 1/2 "of water. Bring to a boil, then cool the liquid in the pan. Burned food is easy to remove.
  • When food is affecting burns and on the bottom of the oven, sprinkle a handful of salt on the show. Smoke is reduced and the spill easier to clean after the oven cools. You can cool the liquid in the pan. Burnt food is easy to remove.
  • When food is affecting burns and on the bottom of the oven, sprinkle a handful of salt on the show. Smoke is reduced and the spill easier to clean after the oven cools. You can help a little cinnamon, add salt, reduce odors.
  • To clean your microwave, mix 2 tbsp. lemon juice or vinegar and 2 cups water in a glass bowl in microwave, four cup. High microwave two to three minutes. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe the microwave with paper towels. Repeat as necessary.
  • To clean slow drains pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain. Add vinegar 1/2 cup and cover the leak. Let the mixture foam for a few minutes, then pour 8 cups of boiling water down the drain. to rinse. Do not use this combination after using a commercial or open drain cleaner.
  • I like lemon or lime to pieces by the elimination of waste every day to make a clean, fresh scent. To freshen the disposal of waste, sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda down the drain, place in two ice cubes and turn it on. Then run hot water for several minutes, while the arrangement works.
  • If the plastic wrapping bread melts in your toaster, you use a nail polish remover just from me. Cool the toaster before attempting this.
  • Clean your coffee maker every few weeks by filling the tanks with vinegar in equal parts water and put it on the brewing process. Then use a clean, fresh water and repeat the brewing process to rinse the machine. Repeat with fresh water twice.
  • If you do not have a self-cleaning oven, up to the major releases, then you can spray the cleaner in the oven, close the door and rest for the night so that the cleaner has time to work.
  • For glass cooktops, there are special commercial cleaners that work well. Use it with a hard plastic scraper to remove burnt on food. Clean your cooktop glass once to avoid that food cools burning bush.
  • To clean a blender, squirt a few drops of liquid soap in it, fill halfway with hot water to cover, and mix up the mess. Rinse and repeat if necessary. You can also use this method to food processors.
  • For lime and mineral deposits on your kitchen sink faucet, paper towels soaked in vinegar for packaging appliances for about an hour. This breaks down the mineral scale, and the chrome is clean and shiny after polishing with a paper towel.
  • If you do not have a self-cleaning oven rack space, in the bath with about 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid and cover with several inches of warm water. Let the racks soak for 45 minutes, then rinse and dry.

Things To Consider When Buying Dinner Sets

The process of buying crockery and cutlery sets should be exciting. This is because you choose a design and style you have to. They should be of high quality and have the ability to compliment the dining room and, as such, it is important that the following factors to consider before you choose.
How to buy: There are different types of table service, dish sets and tea sets on the market. Some are made of flat casual, while others are made of fine porcelain. On the one hand, China needs to be washed by hand, can not be used with a microwave and it is quite transparent, whereas the reverse is. As these decisions, which best fits your needs.

The pattern and color: As mentioned above, the plates in various patterns and colors, and as such, it is important to ensure that those who the guest room for a compliment. It should have the ability to collide and can not find focus with murals and other objects in the dining room.

The number of Dishes: It is important to note that rates are different numbers of plates, cutlery, bowls and cups, among other things, and for this reason probably that you purchase, that a good sign to do with your needs. Even if you are entertaining guests consider purchasing a large number of table service, dish sets and tea sets, because they are cheaper and more economical for you.
The type of Dish you need: In this regard it should be noted, perfect, perfect dinner sets and tea sets include items such as plates cups, bowls, salad or dessert or bowls. Re-evaluate your needs before deciding which option to your good character requirements. This choice should also depend on whether you can have guests.

Sets Traditional to Contemporary: dinnerware sets and dinnerware sets are developed over the years. They come in different styles, shapes and sizes and for this reason that you need for modern and traditional games to be a personal decision.

Monday, March 5, 2012

For A Chef Who Loves His Wife - 10 Romantic Dinner Ideas

It is easy for me to share ideas with you 10 romantic dinners, because I cook this way almost every night. I cook what I'm inspired to create, and my wife, Heather has always been the muse behind my creativity, university processor until today.

The most romantic dishes have three elements, they are visually appealing, they are palatable, and they contain ingredients for their aphrodisiac effects, or simply the value of conversation.

For centuries, many foods have been associated with aphrodisiac qualities. Some foods can actually excite you more than others? Perhaps there is more myth than medicine behind most of these stories, but other foods have been proven to have similar biological reactions to be in love.

Here are my top 10 ideas romantic dinner and why they made the list:

1) Raw (almost raw) fish - seared Ahi tuna with steamed asparagus and jasmine rice - Raw fish can contain high levels of iron, ideal for the production of testosterone. Moreover, the asparagus is rich in potassium, calcium, and vitamin E, giving strength and endurance for the body. Moreover, the asparagus looks sexual. I'll stick to that.

2) black beans - sautéed grouper, black beans with goat cheese, sauteed green beans with red peppers - Black beans were banned by the Catholic Church in the 15th century because they were too marriageable too reminiscent of a fetus, and therefore would excite the passions and create sin. Black beans are high in protein and is said to increase fertility.

3) The oysters and clams - Clams Casino Baked Oysters or shellfish have long been associated with fertility, oysters and a particular favorite of legendary lovers like Cassanova. Modern science tells us that oysters, clams, mussels and other bi-valves are loaded with zinc, key to performance for both sexes.

4) St. Jacques - Saint-Jacques poached in brown rice - Oysters got most of the traditions and reputation of aphrodisiac qualities that remain today. However, Coquilles St. Jacques were found the food to the most powerful fertility even before oysters. Scallops, Jacques became the symbol of fertility for medieval Christians. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess, and Venus, the Roman goddess of fertility and love are both associated with scallop shells by timeless art.

5) The herbs and seasonings - Pie fresh tomatoes with basil chiffonade - Herbs and spices have always been scarce and expensive, to modern day. Most of the explorers of centuries past were in search of herbs and spices. The rarer the item, the more lore and myth that surrounds it. However, the fresh herbs to release intoxicating aromas that arouse many respects, beyond the taste.

6) Eggs - Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise - Eggs are a symbol of birth. It is simply the embryo that we actually eat. It is not surprising that they have long been associated with passion and fertility, as it was thought raw eggs consumed before consumption increased vigor and fertility. Today, we know that high quality protein found in eggs quickly metabolize in the body and helps the cell structure.

Also, if you do Eggs Benedict for a loved one, I can assure you positive results!

7) Advocado - Poached salmon with angel hair pasta and Guacamole - The tradition behind lawyers aphrodisiac comes from its appearance. At the same time, they were considered like a testicle by the Aztecs, and considered too suggestive curves of a woman with many other ancient cultures. The truth is that lawyers have the highest level of protein you can find in a factory. Only animal proteins are larger.

8) Shrimp and Seafood - Shrimp Cocktail Sauce with Fantasy-A of the easiest to assemble the meals, but the greatest impact from a point of view the idea romantic dinner, simple steamed shrimp may be one of the easiest and meals. Lobster, crab, shrimp and other shellfish are rich in iron and essential fatty acids which are said to improve performance. An array of sauces will give you a wide variety of exciting flavors, and an opportunity to share.

9) Hot Peppers - Hot Wings with fresh Cut Fries capsaicin, the heat in hot peppers, increases heart rate, blood vessels dialates, and breathing deepens. Eating chicken wings, or Indian cuisine, and your body will react as if you are in love.

10) Strawberries - strawberries dipped in chocolate or strawberry pancakes - Strawberries are the signal spring in the world. They arrive when all the birds sing and bees gather honey. The heart-shaped sweet red juice and strawberries gave their special place in the tradition aphrodisiac. The combination of strawberries and cream or chocolate gives you two elements to excite. If you feed strawberries to your beloved, then you are using them to their full effect.

To enjoy the flavor and the Romantic qualities of chocolate, you do not have to wait for dessert. Adding Pancakes with chocolate chips or chocolate scones for breakfast, BLT Chicken Mole cocoa for breakfast, Pesto Shrimp Mole for dinner you can have chocolate at every meal.

Just because my wife supported me through culinary school so I could follow my passion does not mean I owe him a lifetime of dinners. She may think, but she does not realize that learning to cook is not only a way to enjoy my passion, but it is a way to express passion as well.

I am very happy to create new dishes with aphrodisiac foods. You do not need to be a professional chef to prepare a meal for someone you love. You do not need to be romantic Cassanova. You just need some ideas romantic dinner and the rest will follow.