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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Foodies That Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth

The food in general is necessary to supply nutrients to our body. As soon as people spend the step of taking only milk bottles during childhood , we begin to start taking solid food - that almost never stops in one lifetime . Basically fuels us do our daily activities efficiently and effectively . It keeps us moving forward in whatever field they are in. However , there are different types of food available for consumption on the market. Some may consider the "needs" of our body, while others are considered "needs" . Mostly, they are classified to the latter are the ones that give damage to the teeth, which lead to a dental clinic more often than usual. Examples of foods are listed in the following paragraphs to know what should be avoided.

Gummy Candies
Candies often deceive children , mainly because of their attractive colors that never fail to attract attention. They are so tempting especially for children who are not able to resist the promise of sweet taste. Gummy candies instead are stronger for someone who has a sweet tooth food temptations. The various forms are added to the idea, not to mention how fun to chew . But do not you know that jelly beans cause tooth decay sweetest ordinary ? Yes most probably gummies that stick to the teeth after eating the production and dissemination of acidic substances in the enamel, thus causing the teeth to weaken. To avoid going to the dental clinic at a difficult time of year , eating gummy candy during meals. They tend to produce more saliva during these times. It is safe to say that saliva helps to remove the sweets that stick to the teeth.

Who can resist eating potato chips ? I guess nobody can . French fries and junk food all at different levels of potato flavor are always negotiable when you look at any kind of sport , cinema , party, etc. They are always present at family gatherings and get-together with friends. But since the potatoes are starchy in nature , most are likely to be attacked by bacteria found on the plates that can destroy your teeth in just 20 minutes. Yes , this is how the effect is fast! Usually eat fries without immediate care and cleaning may take a toll on your oral health. Ask about it in the dental clinic closest to your home. You'll have this validated information .

Ice cubes
Some people just love to chew ice for fun or for no reason at all . Although I do admit that when I was younger . Most of the time , people think of writing as something that must not be afraid of - from ice cubes have no sugar content. However, what many people do not know is that excess cold foods taken in may cause some nerves reacting depending on one tooth sensitivity . Moreover, the hardness of the ice cubes can also cause teeth to chip and crack unexpectedly. If you do not want to undergo any procedure beautification teeth in a dental clinic , avoid chipping and cracking , darling! It's for your own good.

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