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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Healthy Eating Guide

The hectic pace of modern life often takes a toll on nutrition - how we feed our fast-paced lifestyle of fast food, and express our meals in the corners of increasingly stringent schedules. But the busier our lives become , it is more important to our body with nutritious foods . , The level of energy we need to provide us sustain So if the supply, delivery service , fast food, snacks or meals out have become a part of your routine , it's time to get back on track with good food and good eating - help and Frontier and Simply Organic can ! Here are the basics of a healthy diet are - with some tips and recipes to help make it easier and more enjoyable.
A healthy diet consists of a combination of cereals or cereal products , vegetables, fruits , dairy, protein and fat. Each of these areas provides daily opportunities for making healthy choices .
Cereals ( barley, maize flour , millet , oats , quinoa, rice, rye or wheat ) or grain products ( bread, crackers , tortillas, hot or cold cereal , pasta or couscous ) must be regularly consumed as part of a healthy diet regime. Whenever possible, for whole-grain cereal or whole grains instead of refined grain products such as whole grains contain vitamins, fiber , iron and B foods that are lost when the grain will be milled and processed.

To ensure that you buy whole grain products, read the ingredients panel. If " oatmeal " , "rye ", " whole wheat " , called " oat " or other whole grain first , buy a healthier product. Many breads, pastries and cereals sounds as if they were whole grains, but may or may not be - the " seven grain ", " multigrain ", " 100 % wheat " or "cracked wheat " you can. comparing the proportion of fibers in the diet contained plate - a higher percentage of a greater amount of whole grains.

To increase your intake of grains , add whole grains to soups , stir grains and vegetables for salads, prepared salads or grain pilaf or as side dishes. If popcorn is popular in your household ( it is a great joy that a good way to get more grains and fiber in the diet offers ) often enjoy - but healthy. Instead of keeping up with butter and salt ( the calories , fat and sodium add ) , substitution Frontier popcorn seasonings. Select Nacho Cheese , Cheddar Cheese , Cheddar & Spice and Sour Cream & Onion .

Grain in the diet can provide a wealth of fiber and nutrition as well as a wide range of flavors and textures. They are delicious alone or in combination with nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. But factor in the variety of flavors that you can create with the addition of herbs and spices , and opportunities for delicious and healthy meals are almost endless!

Practically Frontier Simply Organic spices or herbs can all be added to a bowl of cereal . Try cumin, cayenne pepper , chili powder , dried and / or cilantro for a SW flair peppers. Basil , garlic , marjoram , rosemary , thyme , bay leaf and bring a delicious aroma and taste traditional rice and other grain dishes . Sweet spices such as cinnamon , cloves , nutmeg and pepper are the key to many ethnic specialty cereals , and you can also use it to create delicious desserts grains or combinations of cereals and fruit.

Do not forget to add herbs and spices to your grain or other income sparingly. Your goal is to expand the taste of your dish , not the master . On average, a dish that four to six people to call 1/2 c serving . Spices , 1 /2 c. powdered herbs or 1 1 /2 c. dried herbs . It is always better to conservatively at the beginning and even more if necessary.

To save time , cereals and rice can be easily prepared in a slow cooker - when you come home from work , the mainstay of your dinner will be ready to go home ! Grain recipes are easy to create yourself, but you can also try a special recipe as a risotto - style barley with thyme , saffron , leeks, garlic, white wine and parmesan . For a salad or cereal, try couscous, cranberries and chickpea salad, a vibrant, colorful combination of couscous, vegetables, cranberries and spices.

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