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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best Receipes for Vanilla slice

I always prefer to make a dish that takes minimum time . One such dish that I like is " Vanilla Slice easy. The specialty of Vanilla Slice is that only a few elements are needed and takes five minutes to prepare. Is not it amazing ? It is 5 to 15 people . Everything you need to prepare this dish is one bag Arnotts Sao biscuits, 600ml cream, 1 package instant vanilla pudding . For the glaze , take 1 cup powdered sugar , 2 passion fruit and two tablespoons of butter.
Method: Apply one sheet at a medium-large square container . Put a layer of Sao biscuits in the container. It fills the entire container bottom. Then beat the cream to make it thick . But this beat cream and pudding are all on the cookie sheet. Again , place the biscuits on top of pudding mixture . Mix all ingredients and then Cover the top of the top layer of biscuit. The container must be left overnight in the refrigerator. Small pieces of passion fruit sprinkled on top . Pudding can be chosen according to taste. If you prefer instant chocolate pudding , you can substitute vanilla. Icing can be the preferred choice of you , chocolate, vanilla , etc. be

When I serve this dish at a party , I had a lot of compliments for this particular dish . However, there were some suggestions.
Suggestions: Use strawberry instant pudding and a set of pink icing . It will be a big hit with children and it is super delicious .

Saos instead use cookies grid . The Court found that more fantastic. This is absolutely a weekend special dish . I left it in the fridge overnight and it was absolutely delicious. My family consumes less than 5 minutes.

Another dish that I love with a slice of vanilla is quick slice of French vanilla. It is also a simple and easy quick dessert .

To prepare this delicious dessert a few ingredients are needed. 250 grams package thickened milk biscuits coffee , custard, whipped cream 100g 600ml and 1 tablespoon of vanilla coffee.

Method: Line the container medium soda . Biscuits Coffee show together. Mix vanilla pudding and cream to make a thick paste. Roll out the dough on top of the biscuits. Place remaining cookies on top of the mixture. Dusting the dust with a mixture of sugar. This delicious dessert is ready to serve. This is a very quick and easy to assemble with an excellent presentation on the bowl. If you want to leave overnight , it takes a lot more delicious. If necessary, you can add, passion fruit garnish. As already mentioned, the flavors can always be chosen accordingly . You can experiment with strawberry and chocolate.

There are some other recipes that you can prepare with a slice of vanilla. Most of them are quick and easy to prepare. It tastes delicious when you leave this recipe overnight . The first time I used the washer was not good , but after a few methods of trial and error , I found the use of custard powder is a recipe for consistency.

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