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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cooking with Ginger

Talk about personality! Slip discreetly into a spice, ginger is always a great court appearance . Warm and refreshing , versatile and distinctive, the enigmatic character of ginger often enlivened the mix - in a range of sweet and savory recipes and ethnic cuisines in the world .

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) blends well with other spices and coriander and cumin , garlic , turmeric and mustard in savory dishes and cinnamon and cloves in sweet recipes. Try it . In cakes and biscuits , bread, biscuits, fruit salad and cooked fruits , desserts, jams, preserves and drinks, and with poultry , fish, tempeh , tofu, carrots, beets, squash and sweet potatoes

Not need icing, just over a slice of this cake warm with a big dollop of your favorite yogurt.

Warming ginger tea
A cup of tea after dinner Ginger can help digestion and warming , too. For a punch of fun , mix 1 cup of sweet tea with ginger ale and serve over ice.

Ginger vinaigrette / marinade
Use this mixture of green salads or as a marinade for chicken , fish or tofu.

Multiple forms of Ginger
Crystallized ginger  - A more sparkling holiday cookies and cakes, ginger has been cooked in a sugar syrup, then dried in the air and rolled in sugar. It makes a great after-dinner treat - especially dipped in chocolate . Also try in fruit salads and dressings . Search candied ginger , which has retained its sweet coating and it is not hard or sticky.

Ginger root powder - This off-white to light brown beautiful spice is the dried ground ginger. This is a convenient form for pastries , sauces , curries , chutneys and baked sprinkled on applesauce and other dishes of fruits and vegetables.

Whole root ginger ( fresh or dried ) - light brown with gnarled branches shaped fingers is not really a ginger root, but a rhizome. Fresh ginger is delicious, but the dried root lasts much longer and is particularly useful if you do not get the market to replenish often .

Ginger Root Cut - This is a great way to keep ginger on hand for tea. Just a teaspoon or more in a tea strainer or muslin tea bags for each cup of water. Cut the ginger is also a nice addition to potpourris .
Ask the Experts

How ginger ale is made ?
Ginger ale with more commercial ginger extract and carbonated water . You can make your own ginger ale by combining the sugar, baking powder , grated ginger and water and can be fermented in a sealed bottle in a warm place . Some recipes also add the cream of tartar and / or lemon juice. ( Check the Internet for a variety of recipes . ) In addition, Ginger Ale in England in the 19th century emerged , provided as a tavern owner small containers of ginger, so that customers can sprinkle with ginger beer in their .

My recipe calls for fresh ginger , ground ginger , but I have on hand. How do I replace it?

Use 1/8 teaspoon powdered ginger per tablespoon fresh ginger . Of course, you do not have the ginger in your yard, but the aroma and flavor fulfills . You can also replace any dried ginger directly to the set of fresh ginger in recipes. ( Some cooks like to add a little lemon juice to dried ginger when they cut to moisturize . ) And if you have crystallized ginger on hand, you can rinse the sugar and finely chop , then replace one for the other for fresh ginger.

Why Frontier spice mass ?
bulk spices are fresh and powerful - clear , not disappeared, richly aromatic , not tired . We offer a wide selection of organic mass and spices, and are actively working to protect the environment through the promotion of organic agriculture.

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