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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Indian Microwave Cooking

Can beat any food in the world , the Indian cuisine. The taste and rich aroma of the ingredients are incomparable. India has a rich and diverse culture and the same goes for Indian food . Each state has something different to offer , which is why the popular Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is admired used all over the world because of the carefully selected flavors of Indian recipes.
Indian cuisines include Indian species of North and Indian food. In the northern part of India is more emphasis on cereals, wheat , jowar , bajra , etc. , while the South Indian style food contains more rice with food spicy food. Although any kind of food is almost in front of the other , but all Indian recipes are enjoyed in different parts of India. The style of North Indian cuisine is mainly focused on the combination of spices and curry. The spices are thoroughly mixed , the more flavor it adds to food. Add spices like garam masala, which is derived from cloves and cinnamon to the magic of Indian food. Cinnamon sticks are used for spicy dishes and give them a rich flavor . Cloves to flavor used spicy are giving cumin in raw and roasted to make an impression , one state be used chili powder to spice up your food, deep orange color of turmeric is used to obtain the color yellow for food and saffron , which is a very expensive spice adds to the beauty of desserts and sauces. South Indian style of cooking includes venthaiyam , urad dal and chana dal , milagu which is a form of pepper, dhania and kadugu - Form mustard seeds . Other spices used in South India , are food Kura Podi Podi Podi charu and pulusu . They use the red chili powder and tamarind their hot and spicy dishes. Jaggery and palm sugar are also used liberally. Hyderabadi biryani , chicken and lamb stews , Mysore pak, Masala Dosa Akki roti, appam , idli and vada served with chutney, sambhar and rasam are some common South Indian dishes .

Indian cuisine can be complete without the use of microwaves. Almost any recipe can be cooked in the microwave. Traditional method of cooking , the check for food and stirring constantly to ensure that the food does not burn. With the presence of microwaves in Indian cuisine today women can sit and relax. You just have all the vegetables and spices together in a bowl and keep it in the microwave. There are several tabs selection on the screen and you can select the desired tab to choose the food product. Yes, it's that simple. Microwave cooks food evenly and very less amount of time . Indian cooking in the microwave has become popular these days , abundant served in Indian kitchens because of the benefits .

There are many recipes microwave oven that can be cooked using a microwave . Each Indian dish of tomato soup with lemon rice , butter paneer masala keema curry, idli and dhokla at Sambhar cakes for all kinds of desserts can be done in less time . All recipes Indian microwaves have an aroma and taste that can only be achieved through a unique and different for normal cooking .

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