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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Italian Food Dessert - Tiramisu

Today Tiramisu is the most popular desserts of Italian cuisine . It graces the menu of almost every restaurant of Italian cuisine. However, his rise to fame has been meteoric , it was not even invented until 1970 in the Veneto region of Italy. It has not even gained great popularity until the early 1990s. It is a unique blend of ingredients that seem to be disconnected together at all. However , when properly mixed together, they form one of the treasures of Italian cuisine .
The first ingredient is mascarpone. This cheese has very deep roots in Italian cuisine . This was as far as the 13th Century produced in the Lombardy region. This cheese is concentrated milk cream and has a very high fat content , get up to seventy-five percent. It is a smooth and creamy cheese. Traditionally, it was considered more likely to be a winter dish and therefore shows in several Italian dishes of the season. This is mainly because of its high calories and the fact that if the first time it produced no refrigeration and this delicate cheese does not take well to high temperatures . Like many other Italian dishes , the best Mascarpone cheese comes from Italy . However, there is one that you are a lover of Italian food made ​​tiramisu at home, there are many manufacturers of mascarpone in America.

The next ingredient is sabayon. This dessert is a true classic Italian cuisine. It comes from the world-renowned cuisine of Venice. When he was originally a popular Italian food dessert with egg yolk , honey and sweet wine of Cyprus. But today, the cream made on a new flavor. To begin with sugar is substituted for the original honey. The observed difference in taste, but comes from the use of Marsala wine instead of sweet wine of Cyprus. This cream can be done at home and is easier to do than to let the leaders of most Italian cuisine.

The third component is the most obvious factor tiramisu , espresso . This caffeine is where the dessert gets its name, which means "pick me up" . This is a coffee that is faithful and Italian cuisine is much stronger than American coffee . Espresso is the most important coffee in Italian cuisine and can be seen in many Italian dishes.

The fourth and final ingredient is Ladyfingers . These popular cookies originated in Italy and has made numerous appearances in not only Italian, but also in many other national cuisines . These cookies are remarkably light because the dough with which they are made rich with egg whites . They are very popular and one of the most popular Italian desserts food in Italy .

These four mixed together just and topped with chocolate ingredients make an Italian meal dessert that is as popular as the individual ingredients. Be careful when you prepare it at home, you are very careful in choosing the ingredients, it will really make a difference in the quality of tiramisu . Now you . Correct quality and origin of ingredients, you probably know to impress your friends with your knowledge of Italian cuisine.

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