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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Useful Cooking Tips

Restoration of crystallized honey or jam 
To restore crystallized honey Just Stand the pot in a bowl of boiling water for several minutes until it becomes liquid again, or alternatively place the honey / jam glass jars without lids in a microwave and put Microwave at full power for a few seconds.

Peeling Tomatoes
Peeling tomatoes can be easy if you follow this method:
Tick ​​shallow bottom of the tomatoes with a knife. Put tomatoes in hot water for several minutes. Remove from water and cool. . The skin can now be peeled easily.

Extract the juice of lime or lemon
To extract the juice of limes PLUS / Lemons just microwave at full power for 10 seconds or a roll with the palm of your hand for a while before extraction.
Peeling Mangoes
To peel a mango, cut lengthwise into four sections of the skin (do not cut through flesh). Pierce a fork in the upper part of the mango with one hand. Now, using your other hand gently lift the skin of the extremities of the mango with a knife.

Veggie salads-in-Minutes
If you think you do not have time or the ingredients of a classic salad then just chop all the vegetables like zucchini, beans, etc. and mix with peas (if available) and boil them in water for a few minutes (they should be slightly crunchy). Drain water and toss the vegetables with some mayonnaise and yogurt .. season with salt and pepper.

To remove fat from meat broth
After preparing fresh meat broth, refrigerate the stock for a few hours. The fat will solidify on the surface of the stock. Simply remove the solidified fat.
Peeling Onions
Peel onions and cut them in half. Soak them in water for several minutes. This will stop your eyes from watering when you cut them.

 Potatoes Microwave
You do not have to go through the drudgery of cooking / boiling the potatoes if you're having a bite microwave.Simply potatoes with a fork. Wrap a paper towel on microwave cooking and at full power for 15 minutes (Please note: large potatoes take 15 minutes to take a smaller varieties shorter time).

Home citrus peel
You do not have to spend money on the zest of lemon or orange expensive if the recipe requires. Grate the remaining orange and lemon and add a little sugar on it and refrigerate in an airtight container.

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