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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coffee Cupping

Stay true to a connoisseur of coffee? If so, you may want to consider participating in a coffee cupping event or hosting your own. In fact, hosting your own event is a great way to stretch your palate while socializing with some of your fellow coffee lovers.

What is cupping?
In short, coffee cupping is a method of sampling and evaluation of different types of coffee beans on their properties. Enjoy a variety of different beans from different regions, you can learn to recognize where the grain was grown and what separates the beans from one region to share the beans in another area.

Although beans from different regions have their own characteristics, there are always those who will surprise you if you know where they came from. Nevertheless, an open mind and look at the different beans have the same setting, you can narrow your selection and can readily distinguish the beans on certain essential characteristics.

What are the characteristics at an event suckers are evaluated?
There are many different characteristics that are valued at an event suckers. This includes all of the following:
  •     Acid
  •     Aroma
  •     Body
  •     Sweet
  •     Finish
The acidity of a bean, which usually is best by drinking a cup of lukewarm coffee is determined, refers to the sensation of the drink under the edges and back of your mouth produces. This is not the same as being safe, so that it can be difficult to understand, as demonstrated by the acid. In simple terms, a cold beer is not desirable if the acid is a cup of coffee is alive in the mouth. As with wine, can the acidity of a coffee elegant, round, nervous, wild, mild or intense.

The scent or odor, distribution is what helps a nutty taste, floral or fruity type. Without aroma, our language would be able to tell if something salty, sour, sweet or bitter. With the aroma, secondly, get the subtle differences between different types of beans.

The body, the coffee sometimes called "mouth" refers to the way it feels really all in your mouth. More specifically, it refers to the thickness or the weight of a drink in the mouth - like how to drink whole milk feels different to drinking water.

Although the sweetness may seem self, this aspect of tasting is not as simple as determining if the drink is sweet or not. Instead, it's about providing the right amount of sweetness of the drink to ensure the right balance that can overshadow all of its flavor.

As the name implies, the goal is the final print only after taking a specific type of bean. Coffee with a good finish is clean and refreshing, while his taste for ten to fifteen seconds after taking a sip.

How can I host a cupping event?
Hosting a cupping event is very simple. You do not have to go and buy espresso machines and an espresso machine Rowenta Café Roma or buy a traditional machine, such as coffee maker Bialetti for a successful event. Rather, only a kettle for boiling water, a few different types of coffee beans, a mill, and cups.

After grinding your beans ground to a medium coarse, simply fill a cup with two tablespoons of ground beans, then add 6 ounces of water to 200 degrees. Let take the reasons for the two three minutes ago, while paying particular attention to its flavor, then break the crust that at the top of the drink before you drink formed a spoon, a sample of the drink. Make sure to drink in the mouth for a while before spitting into a cup stir different. Then rinse with water before sampling a different bean. There is no need for the differences of each bean has to offer announcement long!

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  1. Thanks for the information, I'm no coffee connoisseur but I've been looking into different Espresso Machines as I'm getting fed up with all of the "consumer" coffees (Starbucks, DD, etc.).