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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Best Use For Avocado in Cooking

My first experience with the lawyer was back in the seventies, when my mother was the basis for a shrimp cocktail. You know the type, half an avocado, shrimps fills the space where the stone was all rounded and with lashings of Marie Rose sauce ...... very seventies.

After the first attempt with the family, my mother went to ride at any dinner for the next 10 years! Not that I bother, I love this old classic, but it's time to go. Today I will share with you what is my favorite way to serve only as a lawyer, but before proceeding, we make sure that we have ripe fruit to start.

There is nothing worse than cutting your lawyer evening dinner and find that the meat is dry and woody - what a disaster. Of course, the same applies when it is ripe. I walk around my local supermarket people press clock to think outside of the lawyer if they have one that is soft, so it will be ready ...... wrong! Think about it. If a hundred people press outside counsel under ripe then it will be too soft, that appear. ripe when it is not.

The easy way to test if a lawyer has come slowly turn bibble (Nobbly bit above where the fruit of the tree would have connected. If you rotate the stands bibble hand, is ripe avocado. But not when you worry that you buy your local grocery store for a party and there is not ripe avocados, buy only what is there, and assuming you have everything to lose quite a few days.

When you get home, put your lawyers in a brown paper bag with a banana, they soak overnight in a wooden drawer. Bananas emit ethylene and ripen the fruit - ever wondered why fruits appear in a bowl to go faster with bananas? Well, it's bananas.

Test your fruits every half days and if the bibble is free, you know you're perfectly ripe avocado.

Now for the best bit, you know you're so ripe avocado what you want to do with it? Well, my suggestion is to remove the seeds and peel, cut into cubes cut half an inch, then wrap it in bacon. Bites avocado and bacon.

You can spit or use a grill basket and the next thing is to broil until bacon is slightly crispy. Do not ask me what it is, but the avocado and bacon were made for each other and for the first time I served this as an appetizer to my barbecue, you would not believe! The speed with which they devoured and I have a lot I could not cook them fast enough, I eat alone!

So if you are looking for a great way to use avocado in your kitchen, try this, but I do not like my mother. Now, I did that for her, it was further away from the shrimp cocktail, so if you are ever asked my parents for a barbecue during the next 10 years, is a lawyer and bacon bites certainly in the menu

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