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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pumpkin Food Facts

Let us give you a little pumpkin facts so that you can read about the most versatile and healthy fruit (yes, it's a fruit, because it is the first) to learn. Some facts about pumpkins made us sit and take note: This is one of the fruits of the most resilient and grew lighter by a single continent of the world, Antarctica is not able to successfully grow. Like flowers, they are actually fertilized by the bees, and it is one of the few plants that can grow back roots or vines, when its original roots and vines damaged or cut.

Howard Dill, a native of Nova Scotia, broke the world record for the heaviest pumpkin ever weighed in 1981 when he to his local fair, which weighed nearly 500 pounds of her. The seeds of this gigantic phenomenon are still in use today, in fact, made dill a coin (money that is) by patenting and selling his giant pumpkin seeds, and now every giant pumpkin on land can be found in the original plant dill .
If not (not even go into all the delicious recipes that you can do), pumpkin is a great healthy diet, rich in antioxidants and high in fiber and eat roasted pumpkin seeds you protein, zinc and vitamins all milk from a glass. The pumpkin seed oil is used as a home remedy for prostate illnesses.

So why do we persist in the face of all these facts, in incarving scary faces? Well, that's because the story of the pumpkin since.

The ancient Celts carve ignisfatuus (ie Latin Jack O'Lantern) ward off evil spirits in a terrible face, Christians have the tradition of hunting demons that inhabited the earth before the illegitimate Toussaint continued (as they say, use pumpkins turnips or beets Sun were not available).

Moreover, like a plant root, as both the Celts and Christians were the magical pumpkin in the same category as Harry Potter mandrake root, and both mandrake and pumpkin used to create spells to chase evil it was (said that, if a small pumpkin was soaked for several days in the brewery proper magician, he would have become a homunculus, a man - child carry messages) to your lover for you. Pumpkin seed and plants were allegedly descended from the first garden of Adam, and thus evidence against the powers of darkness.

So that's why you find this amazing fruit, with its fine health benefits and sustainable advantages, instead of sitting outside the house and used the demons happened until the morning of All Saints. And that's why we saw scary faces all the devil pumpkin might think, oops, this place is already occupied, and to carve out of the house alone.

And as pumpkin, a food, more nutritious and beneficial to humans is, as was a man himself, he had left a plate of food and protects the house. Born and trick or treat.

Whether one looks at the great pumpkin food or a great protector, it is always better to be armed with the facts of the pumpkin.

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