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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cookies or Biscuits With Personalities

Is there a perfect cookie that no one can resist biting into? I guess I might as well ask if there is a more perfect human being that everyone is happy. Cookies can talk to their own personality, where they come from, and have pedigrees to prove their noble descent. It is not uncommon to see families kept secret cookie recipes for generations. They have recipes that have created their great-grandmothers. Many of them have retained the original recipes and to this day old biscuits with ingredients in the original cookie recipes called for one hundred years. People around the world have their own venerable cookie recipes. In Spain, for example, they "galletas" in Italy and we get the famous "biscotti". Germany "biscuit" and the English call "biscuits".
Cookie historians describe the place in history as the first "test cake." Bakers during this time using a small amount of this test was to be cooked as a whole, if the oven temperature is just right. Cookies are today in many sweet varieties. They created in response to millions of sweet-tooth Cookie lovers around the world. You can think of a cookie ingredients possible and chances are that someone, somewhere in the world has created a version with this part. Chocolate with raspberry on one of the exotic fruit that we know, he is obliged not to put in place a cookie on it.

United States, the first chocolate chip cookies by Ruth Graves Wakefield are expected in their Whitman, Massachusetts, is Toll House restaurants in 1937. It was a very fortuitous event that this cookie is to invent it. She found a bar of dark chocolate and used as an ingredient replacement for chocolate in the recipe called for baking, she was about to cook. They cut the chocolate and chocolate chunks mixed into the dough. The result was what they called "crunch without homemade cookies." In 1939, Betty Crocker uses his radio show this cookie in the cookie and catapulted into national prominence. Stories about Ruth and Nestle to say in traffic, it provides an arrangement where the company is Ruth with everything she needs chocolate for baking her famous cookies Customs House, while she lived had. Nestlé has every right to use the Toll House brand, but they eventually lost, thus now known as a descriptive term for cookies.

Fig Newton cookies have an origin quite controversial, as there are two camps vying for the honor of being its inventor. The first digit Newton cookies were made in 1891 as claimed by the Nabisco company. They said it was James Henry Mitchell invented the machine that made this cookie. Another story says that CM Roser, who sold his candy store and biscuits that made them famous Nabisco cookies. This claim has not yet verified, however, no evidence was presented to support the claim.

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