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Monday, May 2, 2011

Salad Funcheza Recipe

The Koreans have a legend about a greedy emperor who went into the kitchen and found the back of the night with a mix of dinner and ate half of the tank liked this meal, and ordered him to prepare a meal a day and turned Funcheza .


Noodle Long starch or rice noodle
Carrots 1-1,5 units
Hot pepper
Onions 1  units
radish 2 pieces radish
Garlic 2-3 prongs
garlic herb called dzhusan (in Israel it is called iritis), As an alternative, you can use ramson
oil for frying
Salt,soya sauce,pepper,vinegar


Straws cut a radish and carrots. Also cut a bell pepper and spicy dzhusan. In the fire on a pot with water, the reaction begins to boil.

The meat is cut into small pieces and put it in a pan, while we make our pasta in boiling water. To cook, stirring slowly to digest 4-5 mines, no more. Noodles ready for distinctive and noodles gray transparent.Ready have to wash in cold water and drain, then place in a bowl
We fire a skillet, heat oil in it. In the hot pepper oil interface occurs, press the garlic and a teaspoon of chili in strong.
Add a radish and carrots, salt, pepper to fry in the big fire (3-4 mine). Right now our beef cooked to the required standard for us. We need to pour over noodles. From above, we slept the fried vegetables.
Cut into a pan under the meat onion, golden color.
For a minute, before you add the onion dzhusan fire and too little just what cook, stirring slowly. In addition, attacks on our plates with meat, noodles and vegetables.
Soy sauce to taste and vinegar if necessary, salt. And everything is well mixed.
Everything is ready, this salad can be hot or cold may be used.

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