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Friday, May 2, 2014

Alternatives To Frying Food

In searching for a healthier way to live , I started looking for alternatives to frying. I have tried baking as a substitute ( baked potatoes , ie ) and it's just not the same - my three children also say that is not the same . They do not like the taste of my " fake" baked potato and I do not like having oil loaded potatoes or chicken nuggets every night of the week. No one is happy . Today, I'm looking for alternatives to frying.

Let's face it - Fried Anything and everything becomes a crispy golden brown crispy snack , flaky treats. From candy bars and Twinkies to spaghetti and pizza, almost any food can be thrown into a deep fryer and double salt good. Even the nasty greens such as okra becomes delicious delicacies after a trip to the bathroom frying . Sadly , eating a diet full of fried goodies is a sure way to find yourself overweight , unhealthy, and live a shorter life . If you like the taste of fried foods, there are plenty of healthier alternatives.

1. Try baking .
Baking is a much healthier alternative to frying , as it is a totally different cooking method that uses convection heat to brown the food. With cooking, your food is not Dunking in a bath of cooking oils high in fat , and as a result , you would not be consuming fat and oil soaked crust dough or fried food . This process significantly reduces the intake of fat and calories while maintaining crisp texture that makes fried food so good.

2 . Pan Sear .
Pan ardent meat is an excellent way to get that charred , crunchy texture when in the mood for something else that's fried . The caramelization that occurs at the edges of the meat will trap in the juices and bring an extra filet other flat and flexible flavor. For most people , a well seasoned steak is nicely seared on all sides would be a good alternative to a fried steak .

3. Grill it.
One of the healthiest ways of eating is to grill your food. Not only add a great smoky flavor and charred , grilled texture, fat literally melts keep the meat nice and lean . Grilled vegetables are also full of flavor and very nutritious.

4 . Roast it.
Much like grilled , broiled is another way of cooking with a heat source . The difference here is that grilling , the heat comes from above rather than below. It's another smart choice that will keep your heart healthy and your body fit.

5 . Stew it.
This technique of food preparation is most often used for mixing and the different flavors of meats and vegetables mixed in a pot. The solid ingredients and then everything simmer and using a lot of time water is added . The combination of flavors obtained from a proper stew probably make you forget the fried food for a very long time.

Although I'm not sure any of them are a great replacement for my three children ( very demanding ) at home , I'll start trying these different cooking methods to make my whole family dining healthier !

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