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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heart Frindly Diet - Veg or Non Veg Delight

The vegetarian diet has gained popularity all over the world recently. People are attracted to vegetarianism due to various reasons. Many people go for this ethical and religious grounds . Others go because of belief in health-related , or in favor of animal rights . Whatever the reason , but it is certain that more and more people resort to vegetarianism . If a vegetarian diet has an advantage over non- food - vegetarian is questionable.
Being vegetarian does not mean eating only foods of plant origin. Although vegetarian diets are of different types:
Lacto- vegetarian --- Includes dairy products and vegetables - diet.
Ovo - vegetarian --- Includes eggs but not dairy products.
Vegans --- People who are strictly vegetarian, do not use animal products , not even leather for clothing.

It is a proven fact that vegetarian diet is low in saturated fat and cholesterol that are found mainly in animal products. Vegetarian diet is rich in fiber which leads to improving the health of stools and the fight against colon cancer . Vegetarians tend to be less at risk for obesity , heart disease , hypertension , diabetes and some forms of cancer. But not all vegetarians enjoy these benefits that many of them are engaged in the consumption of high -fat cheese , chips and hamburgers, pizzas etc. So it is certainly possible to be a vegetarian and still be at risk of disease heart related .

In addition , consumption of white meat like fish and chicken is not the causative factor for heart disease . But when these foods are fried in partially hydrogenated oils , they become the most powerful heart disease that these oils contain trans fatty acids cause. Even vegetarian diet is responsible for trans fats and processed fats and oils and are those associated with heart disease . So both vegetarians and non- vegetarians can actually lead to obesity , heart disease and diabetes.

It is true that the consumption of fruits and vegetables helps in detoxification of our body. But most plant foods are loaded with pesticides and chemicals . Many components of products derived from animals support the detoxification system of the body such as iron in the meat , the amino acids in the bone broth and vitamin A in the liver .

Vegetarian food has an additional advantage that it is cheap and can be eaten raw , so the loss of nutrients is less during cooking. Nuts, seeds and dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of folic acid and magnesium which helps calcium absorption . Vitamin C and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables boost immunity and fight against cell damage . Phytochemicals in plant foods help to prevent and heal the body from cancer.

Do not forget non vegetarian food is rich in proteins of high biological value , vitamin B12, iron and readily available vitamin D outside of several vitamins and minerals. It has all the essential amino acids that our body needs for growth and repair of cells. Thus, it gives more benefits to our body if consumed in moderation, with plant foods and cooked the right way.

All processed , packaged and baked foods are high in salt content , whether vegetarian or non- vegetarian, therefore , they should be avoided if a person has a heart related illness .

The fact is that both vegetarian and non- vegetarian diets can help us achieve optimal health , prevent nutrient deficiency and other heart related diseases . Therefore, the two systems do no harm to the body condition of choosing the right quantity and quality of exercise and adequate .

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