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Friday, November 16, 2012

Vegetarian Thali, Essence of Indian cuisine

India is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Therefore, the Indian cuisine is influenced by everything. In addition, changes to the kitchen, the area also. It should be noted that the difference in the kitchen is not only the area, he said only the north, south, east and west used, as well as states that are within these regions. These states have their own foods. Whatever the area, there is a dish that is common to all. This is the vegetarian thali. Differs depending on the region of the content. That is why every Indian restaurant in all likelihood, more of these delicious dishes will be.
What is a vegetarian thali?
Thali is the Indian word for the plate. This plate has different foods that are served with Indian bread and rice. Indian bread is of different types such as roti, naan, kulcha and paratha. The thali is usually called a metal plate with small bowls Katori. This includes items such as cups dal, sabzi (vegetables cooked with Indian spices), dahi (yogurt) and Kadhi. A dessert is included in the meal or have to be paid separately in some cases. Therefore, the content of the vegetarian thali essentially the delights of the region.

The most popular are as follows.

Thali Indian North
North Indian cuisine is best known as the Punjabi cuisine. But many of us forget that. Include foods from Kashmir Some lip smacking dishes are in the region and are not limited to basic food but sweets as well. Comprise a typical north Indian plate, dal contains (from black lentils or moong), the sabzi paneer (cottage cheese), Indian bread and plain rice or jeera. Some dishes are pakora, samosa or Kachori. Sweets was from one of these elements, namely, Gajar ka Halwa (rice cake) Ras malai, Shahi tukra composed (rice bread pudding with dried fruits), to name a few. It remains to complete this meal.

South Indian Thali
As they say, the south Indian food, we think of idli and dosa steam. But there's more to this wonderful cuisine. The best way to enjoy it is. By opting for a thali, which is a mixture of some of the best South Indian dishes In this area, the food is not always served in a plate but on banana leaves. The Thali comprises rasam (soup sizzling hot) and sambar is served with rice. Rice is the staple food, but rarely serve Indian breads. Some places also serve curd rice with a pinch of tadka. The rest of the elements that are included are, papad, pickle, coconut chutney, and buttermilk. Those who have a sweet tooth would certainly enjoy specialties like mysore pak badam halwa and what have are served with the meal.

Maharashtrian Thali
Maharastrian typical food is delicious feast. There was a time when the typical foods used during the rise of pani puri stalls, Pav Bhaji etc. Lately, quite a few joints, Maharastrian serve traditional food was lost. A typical plate Maharastrian includes Bhakri (flat Indian bread made from rice flour and millet), bharli Vangi (Stuffed bringal) Masala Bhat (a preparation of rice with pickles and spicy cashew nuts), Matthew (spicy buttermilk) and thecha (from a type of brine Earth green peppers and garlic) is made. Sometimes, the plate zunka (a thick paste made with besan and spices). Other items that can be included are, papad and koshimbir (chopped cucumber and peanuts) roasted. Pooran political or Gulab Jamun usually like sweets are served.

Rajasthan thali
Culture of Rajasthan shows the influence of his royal heritage. This influence is shown in the kitchen. A typical Rajasthani Thali missi roti, and several Tamatar Shaak, gatta kadhi Chääs Jaipuri and pulav. The parties should methi Pakoda and Lasan Chutney. At the end they offer Rabri made a little sweet milk.

Gujarati Thali
There are a number of food joints, Gujarati Thali. The content is usually the same as Rajasthani Thali and Maharastrian, especially rice, dal, roti / phulka, Chääs, pickle and papad. The Gujrati Kadhi is usually mild. They also serve their specialty, which is undhiyu called a vegetable. Sites like dhokla or handwa khandvi be served. Most jalebis serve thalis.

A large number of Indian restaurants offer Thali. Some also carry food festivals, regional thali offer. So it makes it easier for people to experience different favors Indian food, all vegetarian thali when.

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