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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chinese Snacks

There are many Chinese snacks that tastes unique, interesting and delicious. These snacks are healthy and natural compared to chocolate, crisps and sweets. Chinese snacks are often sold in small shops in the streets or mobile stall at the side of the road. Some snacks are seasonal. Surely this is especially the fresh fruit, which is the most popular Chinese snacks and not very expensive, if you have the high season true. Many people are very conscious about washing fruit before eating.
A kind of seasonal snacks that do not require washing is the cake that is a little red fruit of hawthorn, which screwed into a handle coated with toffee and is available throughout the winter season. The most common Chinese snacks in the spring is the pineapple, which is sent in front of your eyes peeled. Cut into pieces and sold in a stock shares of one yuan for each piece Hot corn in a cob can also be purchased from street vendors during the exact time of the year.

However if you are on corn when it does not wish seasonal, there are many shaped candy corn and corn flavors that are available, and even those who chew the hardest. Tasty baked sweet potatoes are during the cold months, probably because they did not sell well during the summer. During the winter, in Heilongjiang province, they have a remarkable way of preserving persimmons and pears for snacks, Chinese, they will freeze outside. You can go home and leave some to melt before eating.

Other Chinese snacks that are very common in China Dalian walnut shells and the shells Qinghai Dalian. Of course, you will find many people cracking sunflower seeds nuts to extract small gray seeds inside. You can find in China market full of nuts, most of them were not yet dried completely, which means that it is difficult to get the shell. However, it is good to spice skin from the nuts before eating. But what scares anyone. It has been proven that the Chinese food that will require some effort to eat.

Sugary snacks Chinese could not be found, no doubt, but if you look around you will find that many people reject the offer because they do not want sugary foods. Chinese snacks that are sweet are as melts in your mouth cookies that are produced from powdered beans, sesame and other jellies, which are sucked through a straw, and all kinds of sweets made from fruits. Spiced prunes plums Western tastes. But they are always sweet snacks to reality liked. Some may suggest that China produced chocolates and cakes somehow adapted to Chinese tastes.

Another popular snack in China is called the Chinese xuegao ice in a stick, the "Snow Cake" means. It is a known delicacy in China. However, the snow most preferred cake without ice on it, such as mung beans delicious lollipop. Chinese snacks are many and large, it is sure to satisfy everyone something to snack. But in China, it is better than the usual Chinese snack food tastes and not imitations of Chinese snack countries.

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