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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Manage Survival Food List

Let's get busy to store your emergency food supply. We are a "baby steps" plan, formed by experts of the best benefit. I can not share in this article the whole plan, so you go to get the key points.

We know about 2 different types of survival food list, a long time for your stash, and eat them immediately, for example, if you might be overwhelmed to deal with the immediate damage. Small boxes and packaging of convenience foods is the best for your short-term stocks.
Make sure your cache has many different varieties of Chow. Dried and preserved snacks, cheese curls Schlage, chips, popcorn and do not go bad so quickly during storage, but we can not have much food, continues to fill us with energy and enthusiasm.

Vegetables and fruits contain more vitamins and minerals as milk and meat products. Beans, nuts, meat, dairy products and foods are your sources of your protein.

This is a great way to start storing food in advance. We will benefit from the creation of a progressive, step by step plan of the most experienced minds. There is no room here to tell you the whole plan would be, so I lay the foundations of your thinking on the subject.

We know about 2 different types of food list survival in the long run for your stash, and another for quick availability, for example, when you move. Packets that are small, will be in your "immediate" cache of prepared meals and snacks.

Make sure your store has many varieties of food. Junk food tastes loops popcorn, cheese, chips, and will certainly hold for a while, but they strengthen us, fill us with even more vim and vitality.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals .. compared to dairy products and meat You'll get more protein from meat, nuts, beans and milk. Our daily diet of 27 protein is essential to find a combination of whole grains and beans. Omega fatty acids are important, and we get from raw nuts.

There are some vitamins that are sensitive to heat and cooking destroys them. That being the case, you need fresh vegetables or herbs, expecially the green, the equivalent, is found to grow in any fertile field for. You can get tons of food from fresh leaves of the plant alfalfa, watercress field, clover leaves, dandelion and chicory leaves ..

Because it is destroyed by heat and light, you might find yourself a vitamin C deficiency, if it is not part of your food is fresh.

Needles of spruce and pine, vitamin C, ground water that is either fresh or air temperature to yield. Drink water prepared with these needles, and we enjoy the taste. We must learn to identify pine and spruce.

Red meat is almost the only food that provides us with plenty of vitamin B12. We can get some of our vitamin B12 by eating Swiss cheese. Have nutritional yeast and brewer's yeast, both, all the B vitamins

Drinking enough food to make a list good survival food. We should include jerky, crackers, canned vegetables, canned beans and nuts.

If a date is not indicated on your food container, then write the date you purchased it, in indelible ink. As the food comes to be old, they eat or get them to give arms and fresher food.

Now we have some of the basics, see your list of foods for survival. Your next step is to learn and follow the plan step by step.

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