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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Potatoes Nutrition

Sweet potato is a staple food that is grown here in Jamaica and several other countries worldwide. He was one of these root crops cultivated by the Arawak Indians who inhabited the island when Christopher Columbus set foot on the island. There are several varieties of the staple being grown here. The three most commonly grown are white, yellow or dark orange when cooked.
Sweet potatoes are extremely versatile, as such, they are consumed in many ways. The potato can be eaten by a simple pull of the skin and boil with a pinch of salt. It can be diced, boiled and used to make a salad or sweet potato can be added to the soup to help improve the flavor in the meantime, adding body to the soup.

Another very popular way to use sweet potatoes is to make a "candied" dish. In fact, it's delicious holiday for most families. Sweet potatoes may also be bleached, which is after peeling and put the slices in a pan of boiling water for about 5 minutes, they are rapidly eliminated and walked in cold water. These pieces of blanched sweet potato has been properly drained can be fried lightly.

Sweet potatoes can be cooked as a whole. Usually, a potato-sized high is ideal for cooking. After peeling potatoes in the oven, it can be eaten as is or adding a little butter.

For use as a snack, sweet potatoes could be peeled, sliced ​​and fried. Sweet potato chips are delicious and always a pleasure to welcome included in family gatherings, business meetings and any other social event.

Added to all the uses mentioned above is the sweet potato pudding. It is a popular pastry in Jamaica, and a number of islands in the Caribbean. Unlike other uses of sweet potatoes in the ideas already advanced; make the pudding sweet potato, the potato is cooked, it is rather peeled and grated.

Like most things, there are several variants of the sweet potato pudding. Among them are, with sweet potato and yam yellow cornmeal, sweet potatoes, cornmeal and flour or sweet potato with coconut. The real delight of the pudding is the combination of creamy coconut milk with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla with sweet grated potato. Cooking is no less real than the delicious aroma that fills the air surely triggers all the excitement necessary to get the taste buds going and digestive juices in a state of anticipation.

Sweet potato pudding is a tasty treat served in restaurants, sold in corner stores, school canteens, and dozens of pastries.

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